UK & USA Embassies in Moscow Provocatively Hoisted LGBT Flags

The British Embassy in Moscow hoisted an LGBT flag near its building. This was reported by the official Facebook page of the Embassy.

“Today at the Embassy, we raise the LGBT flag in support of representatives of the LGBT community, their rights and freedoms,” the message reads.

The Embassy also reminded that LGBT representatives do not require special privileges for themselves, but ask to be respected.

Earlier, the LGBT flag in Moscow was displayed by the US Embassy.

“We don’t see the American Embassy building from the Kremlin, but our Foreign Ministry certainly sees it,” said Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian President.

He noted that any manifestations of propaganda of non-traditional sexual minorities in Russia are prohibited by law.

“Today, the US Embassy in Russia honours the LGBTI Pride Flag. <…> The strength of society is diversity … LGBTI rights are human rights,” wrote the diplomatic mission of the United States.

In the comments to the message, the Russian Foreign Ministry responded with the song “El Bimbo” – the anthem of the “Blue Oyster” bar from the “Police Academy” series. The ministry also wrote: “Just to keep you in a happy mood at such a difficult time for America.”

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