Ukraine – a Conveyor Belt of Neocon “Aid” Embezzlement

The deputy from the presidential faction “Servants of the People” Evgeny Bragar created a meme live on one of the Ukrainian TV channels: “Sold the dog – paid for gas”. He suggested to the pensioner who called into the studio to “sell the elite dog running around her yard and pay her bills, in particular, the gas bill”. It is difficult to say whether or not Evgeny is an idiot in the generally accepted sense of the word. Although membership in the party “Servants of the People” clearly points to this. But his comment blew up the Ukrainian segment of the Internet and the approval rating of Zelensky’s party. A countless number of photoshopped pictures appeared on the subject of paying bills with dogs, purebred cats, and hamsters.

The worst thing: the “servant” is genuinely perplexed “how it turned out this way” and makes excuses in the style “I don’t have the experience of going on television talk shows”. What an idiot. Unambiguously. But I would like to talk about the topic of the work of the “incubator” where such morons comes from. Everyone already understands that the main institutions of the Ukrainian state – the Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Office of the President – have become subordinated to Soros. But the “hatchlings (more precisely, roosters) of Soros’ nest” also have a reverse side. We forget about the American Democrats, who, together with the international adventurist, have turned the country into a degraded colony where they want people to use pets to pay for gas.

I recently discovered a website developed using USAID‘s money. It’s an ancient, like mammoth shit, US agency specialising in exporting American standards of democracy worldwide. A global office that was involved in the collapse of the USSR, “colour revolutions”, and the creation of pro-American regimes. It is controlled by US intelligence agencies and the Democrats. I do not know why the people responsible for the Ukrainian direction fell into insanity, but the fact remains that they posted official data on foreign, primarily American, assistance to Ukraine. I’ll give the address:

It’s fascinating reading, I must say. There are amounts, implementors, memorandums of intent and, most importantly, “procurement plans”. I.e., exactly what American taxpayers’ money has been spent on over the past 6 years. I can reasonably, with documents in hand, claim that during this time more than $5 billion was sawn up (in every sense of the word). Dozens of American private offices, which do not even mask their connection with the CIA and Democrats, received billions of dollars for “programs” to “create Ukrainian national identity”, “increase national self-appraisal”, and “counter the hybrid information aggression of the Russian Federation”. Unfortunately, not all documents are publicly available. But what is publicly available is enough to explain the phenomenon of morons who got their hands on the management of the country.

It’s easy to drown in such an abundance of facts. Therefore, we will concentrate on the most interesting and bright manifestations of the “democratic mind”.

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Do you know “Chemonics International Inc.”, a private international company headquartered in Washington, D.C.? I didn’t know it existed until recently, either. But, according to the documents, for only three grant programs in Ukraine “Chemonics” received $132 million from the American government. If you dig a little, it turns out that the Director-General of the office was an adviser to US Vice President Joe Biden for “macroeconomic policy in Ukraine”. I am sure that Biden lobbied the company as a recipient of huge funds that were spent on the “formation of Ukrainian identity”.

Do you know what the main “tools” for achieving “identity” are? Murals, libraries, and business incubators. Most of the current “servants of the people” have hatched from the latter. And I’m not exaggerating. We read the memorandum of the program “Democratic Governance in Eastern Ukraine”, the implementor of which is “Chemonics International Inc.”: “One of the goals of democratic governance is to neutralise widespread Soviet thinking” in the region … which “prevents the adoption of a holistic civic identity”. So here it is… The damned “sovok” [pejorative term for a person with a Soviet mentality – ed] prevents Ukrainians from breathing the air of “true identity” fully. But the United States government came to the rescue. They allocated $57 million to fight the ideological heritage of the USSR. Not a bad amount, don’t you think?

Currently it is actively being developed, as the program is designed for five years. In 2023, the company of former adviser Biden will report on the work done. But $25 million have already been creatively developed. Nearly a half. You know what the lion’s share of the funds – 21 million – went on? For “the services of translators, the rental of parking spaces, consulting services, computers, furniture, communication facilities, and software”. Think about it: $21 million was spent on God knows what. Guys, this is the blatant “sawing up” [embezzlement – ed] of American taxpayer funds. I am sure that most of the money spent never reached the “eastern regions of Ukraine, where Soviet thinking dominates”. Does Joe Biden have a stake? No doubt. He was the one who brought this office into the country.

He started to purposefully search for the “procurement plans” of “Chemonics International Inc.”, which is a leader in mastering US government funds as if they were allocated for Ukraine. It is just a song! The name of the grant programs changes. From “creating a competitive Ukraine” to “increasing national confidence”. The latte I couldn’t understand at all. How? How to, uh, boost what doesn’t exist? It is a joke? No. The money is serious: $36.5 million. The program is being implemented. And “purchase plans” are the same everywhere: “the purchase of furniture, transport services, rental of equipment, and the purchase of software”. They were literally copy and pasted. The following unchanged paragraph, “subscription to periodicals”, is particularly funny.

In Ukraine, there is nothing to subscribe to, as print media closes en masse. The publication “Segodnya” [“Today” – ed] is gone, “Zerkalo Nedeli” [“Weekly Mirror” – ed] was closed, even the magazine “Muzhskoye Zdorovye” [“Men’s Health” – ed] is not published anymore. Only the weekly “Novoye vremya” [“New Time” – ed], which is published by the Soros partner Tomáš Fiala, remains from the glossy magazines. It is an absolutely unprofitable and purely bastard magazine where Soros adherents boast about their approval ratings and talk about the investment prospects of Ukraine. Apparently, the subscription to “Novoye vremya” is a mandatory part of the grant assistance of the US government.

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Next: “payment of membership fees” – the most mysterious item of expenditure of a company close to Joe Biden. Since millions of dollars are received in total, it seems that “membership fees” are an extremely expensive part of grant programs. Apparently, this item has remained since the Cold War, when all members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union working for USAID paid party contributions. The US government is sort of compensating for those costs. They simply do not know that “mass decommunisation” took place in Ukraine. Monuments to Lenin were demolished, but contributions to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, according to the logic of grant managers, remained. But this is all rubbish compared to another extremely costly item: “disposal of worn-out equipment and obsolete literature”. Hundreds of thousands of dollars goes on sending the newly purchased office equipment and periodicals to waste. No joke. The “democratic governance in Eastern Ukraine” program started only last year, but millions are provided for disposal. At the same time, funds are allocated for “office repairs”. And everything happens, judging by the price list, at the same time.

From 2015 to 2023, the US grant programs that are implemented in Ukraine provide for payment for the “CD-ROM copying and production” service. I can’t say exactly how many dollars are allocated for such an exclusive. They are all thrown into one pile, and then in the column “total” there is a random amount. $20 million, $25 million. Sometimes $26 million. I just wonder: where are they going to find so many CDs? Even in the provincial Glukhov (Sumy region) it is as difficult to find a CD burner as it is to find a VHS videotape. Or a tape reel. But the Americans still aren’t aware of this! The scheme with “disposal” of waste and CDs is in operation, money is being allocated for it. So why fool oneself? They don’t bother. In general.

Of course, a natural question arises: Is all US grant aid for Ukraine dully sawn up by offices associated with the Democrats and the CIA? I’ll be objective: no, not all of it. There is something else. A couple of years ago (maybe before) Kiev quickly started to cover some ugly drawings on buildings. A 20-story high chick in embroidery, clearly sloshed, the head of a “Russian hydra” being chopped, and Stepan Bandera above the dumpsters in the yard. Racially correct media has raised a whole wave about it. It turns out that with the help of murals (so this idiocy is officially called) the nation expresses its national identity. There was even a “leader” of the mural direction. A certain Geo Leros. This person is alternatively gifted, with the same alternative orientation. He was elected to Parliament on the list of Zelensky’s party. He received the name “Deo Lanos” from his colleagues for being idiotic. If mentally retarded people call someone an idiot, it means there are very good reasons for such an assessment.

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Now we will uncover the memorandum on a grant for the development of “national identity”. It says: “Creating reliable internet networks of professional journalists to expose propaganda and fake news”. Not in our case. “Support for reform-oriented government officials”. An extremely stupid way of saying bribing Ukrainian employees. The money does not appear to have been enough for everyone, so government officials are forced to raise their salaries to $50,000-150,000. More than “Trump’s loser”.

Oh! Here: “support for business incubators, libraries, youth hostels, and murals”. The time of implementation of the “identity” project coincides with the appearance of “Deo Lanos”. And around the same time, the future “top dog of the nation” Evgeny Bragar was “conceived” in the business incubator by an unnatural mixing of grant aid from the US and the Netherlands. He’s also a fighter against the “Soviet mentality” by using elite dogs to pay for utility bills.

Therefore, a part of the American grant aid nevertheless reaches Ukraine according to the column “disposal”. But the main “body” of the grant is shared out directly in the US. Does the Trump administration know about such business of the Democrats? He knows. But it is a multi-billion business. Ukraine is not the only country where the money of American taxpayers is divided out in accordance with the “CD ROM production” scheme. It is sure that in Vietnam there are programs featuring floppy disks. This theme is profitable and secure. Try to prove the inappropriate use of money. You will be exhausted looking for subscriptions of periodicals. And the next point: the offices that are the implementers of US grant programs are directly connected either with the top of the Democratic Party or with the American intelligence agencies. I already wrote about “Chemonics International Inc.”. But there is one more company: “DAI Global, LLC”. It implements the “economic support for Eastern Ukraine” project for the sum of $62 million. The mass purchase of office equipment, disposal of outdated literature, and the production of CD ROMs already happened. In total approximately for $30 million. Business as usual. Another important thing: “DAI Global” was involved in numerous scandals connected with the CIA in South America. It is openly referred to as a front office for the American intelligence agencies. Now they are “economically reviving Donbass”.

Aleksandr Zubchenko

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