Ukraine Asked the US to Help Stop the Construction Of “Nord Stream-2”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Anna Gopko, at a meeting with the American Senator Cory Booker, asked for help to stop the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, and issued a reminder about the deliveries of lethal weapons. This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian parliament.

“The Ukrainian side discussed with the Senator… issues of energy security and the importance of preventing the construction of the ‘Nord Stream-2’ gas pipeline, bypassing Ukraine as a geopolitical tool of the Russian authorities,” it is said in the report.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada also spoke about the conflict in Ukraine, that it is impossible to allow its freezing, and that it is necessary to continue to put pressure on Russia with the US’ assistance.

They also urged the Americans to offer support in carrying out reforms in the military sphere, in education, training and advanced training of military personnel, and asked to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons.

The meeting between the Ukrainian parliamentarians and the American Senator took place on May 30th. The ambassador of the United States of America in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch also took part in it.

As was written by Ruposters, Gazprom will keep the transit of gas through Ukraine after the implementation of “Nord Stream-2”.

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