Ukraine Banned a Book About Petliura’s Jewish Pogroms Written by a Swedish Author

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The book about the Jewish pogroms committed by Petliura’s adherants entitled “The Book Thieves” written by a Swedish author was banned in Ukraine for creating a “false image” of the country. The author of the book Anders Rydell reported about this.

“I was very surprised when I learned that the Russian translation of my book ‘The Book Thieves’ was banned the other day in Ukraine — together with 26 other books that cannot be imported and sold in the country”

reported Rydell

According to him, the book was recognised as such that “contains Russian propaganda and spreads myths about the Ukrainian People’s Republic.

The author’s conclusion that in the period of the UPR violence against the Jewish population reached a critical scale became the reason for such a verdict.

Tens of thousands of Jews were killed in more than 1,300 pogroms.

“Violence reached an improbable scale, many were beaten to death, burned alive, their throats were cut. Symon Petliura’s role in pogroms has been hotly discussed since 1920’s. But in modern Ukraine he is eulogised as a hero”

noted Rydell

“These books were stigmatised for distributing a false image of the country. In the black list there is everything, from children’s books and novels to historical works”

added the author

It is noteworthy that Petliura’s murderer, the Russian-Jewish poet Samuel Schwarzbard, was acquitted by a court in Paris when he reported that he exacted revenge for the murder of 14 of his relatives at Petliura’s time.

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