Ukraine Bans Movie About Oles Buzina

Translated by Ollie Richardson


A commission of experts concerning the distribution and showing of movies that works at the State agency of Ukraine concerning cinema has by a majority voted to make the decision to forbid the showing on the territory of Ukraine of the movie “Oles Buzina: a life beyond time”.

“Having watched the documentary “Oles Buzina: a life beyond time” the commission of experts has by a majority voted to make the decision to forbid the showing of this movie on the territory of Ukraine in connection with the violations of the current legislation identified in it,” it is said in the message on the page of the State Agency of Ukraine for movie on Facebook.

As a reminder, the former managing director of the Ukrainian newspaper “Segodnya”, the journalist Oles Buzina, was shot on April 16th, 2015, in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev near the entrance of his own house. Buzina didn’t support the anti-Russian position of the Kiev government, which became the reason to suspect that the hunt for him was conducted for political motives.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Kiev reported on June 18th about the detention of the first suspects in the murder of the famous Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina. They were two residents of Kiev. At the end of 2015 the suspects were released from custody under house arrest.

In September, 2016, the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the lawyer on the case of murder Oles Buzina – Renat Kuzmin – stated that law enforcement officers took part in the murder of the journalist, so the case must be investigated as “murder committed by order”.

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