Ukraine Can Only Be Saved by the Rejection of Both Nationalism and Idiotic “Decommunisation”

The authorities of Ukraine never understood the reason why the country started to fall apart. They still intend to pursue a policy of Ukrainisation and the establishment of a mono-ethnic state, even in a softer form than under the rule of Petro Poroshenko. And this is despite the fact that in the same Europe, where post-Maiden Ukraine aspires to be, the policy of unification has long been abandoned. In Europe, multiculturalism and the diversity of the language palette are encouraged. Moreover, even in Canada, which modern Ukraine equates itself to, the approach to different cultures as parts of the same mosaic is promoted. And in the United States of America, the concept of a “melting pot” is gradually being abandoned and the so-called “salad bowl” concept is considered to be more politically correct when there are many cultures in one state. Not to mention Russia, where cultures and languages of peoples living in the Russian Federation are preserved and developed, but at the same time the Russian language and unified Russian culture are developing.

Here is what the newly appointed Governor of the Lugansk region [appointed by the Kiev regime – ed] Sergey Gaiday said: “We … need to go even in terms of culture along a huge path from a population to a nation. A huge path to self-identification of us as Ukrainians.”

And here are the words of the well-known Lvov TV presenter Ostap Drozdov about the residents of Donbass, said around the time when the Lugansk governor spoke about the need to turn Lugansk residents into conscious Ukrainians:

“The whole story of Donbass,” said Drozdov on Lvov’s NTA TV channel, “is a story of great global laziness. They are lazy people. The whole story of the reintegration of Donbass, these temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine, rests in their only demand: ‘We do not want to change, and will not change. We just want to be the way we are, we just want to be pro-Russia, Soviet, vatnik people who just have the right to be that way’. The question to Ukrainians is, if you’re talking about reintegration, do you want to set conditions for them to make their own changes? That’s the big question.”

As we see, both the Lugansk governor, who wants to look tolerant, and the Lvov journalist, who in search of cheap glory regularly and with impunity insults the residents of eastern Ukraine, talk about the same thing. Except that the official expressed themselves without rudeness and insults. Gaiday is a supporter, as he put it, of “affectionate Ukrainisation”.

But in one or another way, it’s about a desire to turn the citizens of Donbass into Galicians. The population of eastern Ukraine, according to the plans of nationalists and their servants in power, must give up their language and culture. Instead of heroes of the Great Patriotic War, instead of Zhukov and Vatutin, residents of the east of the country (and south) should honour OUN-UPA, Bandera and Shukhevych. And the very definition of the war of 1941-1945 as the Great Patriotic War in Ukraine is now not in honour. According to the laws on decommunisation, this war is called World War II, and Banderists, Hitler’s accomplices, are considered to be its main participants on the Ukrainian side (which does not exist at all in the history of this war!), and the liberation of Ukraine is attributed to them.

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The residents of eastern and southern Ukraine are urged to abandon their relatives and friends living in the Russian Federation, and it is planned to shut out Russia itself via a wall. It’s no wonder that the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers made a decision that from March 1st 2020 citizens of Ukraine will be able to visit the Russian Federation not via internal passports, like now, but exclusively via foreign passports. Of course, this is done in order to further complicate contact between representatives of brotherly peoples. Such a thing wasn’t done even under Poroshenko!

Residents of Ukraine, according to nationalist plans, should speak exclusively Ukrainian, are obliged to profess the cave Banderist ideology, and Orthodoxy should be chosen in the format of the schismatic OCU, which has every chance to join the Uniates soon. Now, especially after the celebration of Catholic Christmas, which in Ukraine is declared a holiday, this is talked about more and more often.

Moreover, 11 deputies of the Ukrainian Parliament from Vladimir Zelensky’s faction “Servant of the People” at the very end of December submitted a bill where it is proposed to forbid the distribution of materials that show persons from the top brass of the USSR, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, federal and autonomous republics, and also the managements of the Communist Party in a positive light, beginning with the the position of the Secretary of the Regional Committee and also employees of the Soviet bodies of state security. They are also going to ban the dissemination of information that denies the “criminal nature” of the communist government in Ukraine in 1917-1991, and also plan to ban positive coverage of the work of the Russian authorities! It turns out that the people elected under the slogan of Zelensky’s Party, which built its entire electoral campaign on criticism of Poroshenko’s policies, continue this policy in its worst manifestations. Especially in terms of the so-called decommunisation – the absurd denial of the Soviet past of Ukraine: the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

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This policy is criminal and contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine, and also violates basic human rights and freedoms, which even the Venice Commission had to recognise. After all, the same former President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, who is constantly shown on Ukrainian television channels and was the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, has no right to speak about himself in a positive way. He has to either keep quiet or scold himself.

The same applies to many other politicians of modern Ukraine from the older generation who worked until 1991 in party structures or in the KGB. It will be impossible to talk about all the achievements of Soviet Ukraine. Perhaps such a ban benefits nationalists by the fact that post-Soviet Ukraine has no achievements and none are expected. They don’t want to be compared with anything.

And with this ideology, the authorities are going to carry out the reintegration of Donbass. Though not all. Some, like the aforementioned Ostap Drozdov, publicly criticise reintegration. They fear that there will be a large number of people in Ukraine who do not share Maidan values.

In addition, the authorities are going to launch in February 2020 the broadcasting of the TV channel “Donbass Online”, which will be called upon to carry out the ideological brainwashing of the population of the DPR and LPR, and in the Russian language too. Although, as was wittily stated by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the faction “Servant of the People” Maksim Buzhansky, commenting on this message, “there is a nuance about which the Ministry of Culture forgets – according to the current law on language, they can only breathe in Russian.” Indeed, the propaganda action of the Ukrainian authorities is doomed to failure, so Ukrainian nationalists have brought themselves to a standstill: if the TV channel is in Russian, it is a direct violation of Ukraine’s discriminatory language laws adopted under Poroshenko. Of course, people living in Donbass can’t be duped by any Ukrainian channel, but it is very noteworthy that Kiev is going to “return” residents of the DPR and LPR to where Russian is prohibited, with the help of… the Russian language!

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Buzhansky’s statement, like his other remarks, show that in the faction “Servant of the People”, along with nationalists, there are quite sane deputies. Unfortunately, the policy of modern Ukraine is not yet determined by them. At least the ideology under Zelensky remained the same as it was under Poroshenko, except that the rhetoric was slightly softened and diluted by emotional appeals like the president’s New Year’s congratulations. Nevertheless, Ukraine persistently continues on the path towards the establishment of a mono-ethnic state.

If the authorities do not abandon this path, the collapse of the country will continue. After all, it is impossible to change the thinking of millions of people and to force them to abandon their language, their history, their ancestors, their brothers. If people are forced to do so, more and more territories will be separated from Ukraine. Peace will come to the country only through a complete refusal to create a “unified Ukrainian nation” on territories that are inhabited not only by ethnic Ukrainians, but also by representatives of other peoples – Russians, Jews, Crimean Tatars, Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Poles, and Belarusians. Only internationalism will save Ukraine within its current borders. And, of course, the rejection of the provincial “decommunisation”.

Sergey Bondarenko

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