Ukraine Continues to Hand Out Passports to ISIS Militants

Militants of the ISIS terrorist organisation who came back from Syria are attempting to legalise themselves through new passports thanks to a corruption scheme existing in Ukraine.

This was stated by the social activist from Genichesk Gennady Sivak, referring to his sources in Kherson.

He spoke about a scheme existing in the Kherson region that allows “members of the terrorist organisations to be legalised freely by acquiring original and counterfeit Ukrainian passports with fictitious border crossing stamps”.

Subsequently, former militants can enter the territory of the European Union via Ukrainian documents, using the simplified visa regime.

Sivak noted that some time ago information about the legalisation of ISIS militants was already announced in the press, however the authorities of Ukraine didn’t take measures to stop corruption schemes.

According to Sivak, the organisers of the illegal issuance of documents in Kherson illegally purchase the Ukrainian passports that remain on the Crimean Tatars on the territory of the Russian Peninsula. These documents are then transported across the border, the photos inside of them are changed, and fighters receive pseudo-legal identity cards.

“Members of terrorist organisations use Ukrainian identification and visa documents in order to enter the territory of the European Union. Documents are acquired on the territory of the Republic of Crimea from locals who have already received a Russian passport. Passports are bought via the following criteria: the photo of the person in the passport is not of Slavic appearance, is a male, has a Muslim surname and name, is aged from 18 to 45, and doesn’t have a criminal record or international passport. The cost of the passport meeting these requirements varies from $100-500,” said Sivak.

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According to him, the leader of the “Youth Asset of Kherson” organisation Sergey Kalchenko acts as one of the organisers of this criminal scheme.

“Using a personal contact in the State Migration Service of Ukraine, Kalchenko organises the gluing in the bought passports of the client’s photos and the further completion of the necessary documents allowing the person to go to the territory of the EU and the US. The following passports and their owners are established:

  • Ibragimov Zabar Mikhaylovich, 31.05.1982, passport of the EE series No. 885824;
  • Ubaydullayev Fevzi Eskanderovich, 27.01.1983, passport of the EE series;
  • Isaev Rustem Reshatovich, 11.07.1982, passport of the EE series No. 026430;
  • Asanov Lyuman Shamayevich, 01.06.1971, passport of the ET series No. 873921 series;
  • Adzhi Ediye Ablyamitovna, 29.03.1968, passport of the EC series No. 877520;
  • Ismailov Zakir Isayevich, 21.11.1959, passport of the ET series No. 069501 series;
  • Halilyaev Rustam Serverovich, 09.01.1964;
  • Nersesyan Karapet Mimayevich, 08.10.1972, passport of the KM series No. 306554;
  • Adzhi Ernes Rizayevich, passport of the ET series No. 058795 series,”

wrote Sivak.

“This information causes special alarm. The international community is consolidated in the fight against terrorism. But it turns out that organised criminal groups that allow to legalise people who were in ISIS were formed in Ukraine. This terrorist organisation has now been crushed, its militants flee around all the world like cockroaches. The situation is very dangerous,” stressed the social activist.

Sivak reminded that a year ago Crimean television reported about the exposure of a ISIS militant legalisation scheme in the Kherson region. After resonance, the Security Service of Ukraine was forced to admit the existence of the problem. However, as the social activist claims, the group that is engaged in helping runaway terrorists is still “in business”.

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“The situation only worsened. The whole task force left Kherson and went back to Kiev. The arrest of all participants of the criminal scheme was planned. However, as a result the Kiev security officers came back to the capital empty-handed. Nobody was punished. Their names and surnames are known. It turns out that this organised criminal group has a high cover, which even the employees of the SBU from Kiev can’t do anything about,” said Sivak.

“Unfortunately, after the change of government in Ukraine there is no visible progress in the ‘passport case’. Bringing order here is a point of honour not only for Zelensky, but also for the state of Ukraine, which now, factually, aids the legalisation of ISIS criminals,” concluded the social activist.

Viktor Orlov

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