Ukraine: A Criminal Revolution

Translated by Lada Pyatnitskaya



The newly created gangs of “untouchables” are being fully dragged into the redistribution of property and criminal business, and the “reformed” law enforcement agencies are losing experienced staff, skills, and continuity in the preparation and training of specialists.

“The activists” and various veterans of “volunteer batallions”, “territorial battalions”, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have become a real disaster for the Ukrainian law enforcement officers. Not only the condemnation and the investigation of their crimes, but even the registration of these crimes is often connected with the risk to life, health, and even career. The media is regularly telling about the struggles of “associates” of criminals with the staff of Internal Affairs bodies at the stages of the trial and the pre-trial proceedings. The criminals can even be bailed out and released from detention by the leaders of the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General’s office, and even the Prosecutor General himself. “Revolutionary expediency” is in conflict with the main principle of the fight against crime, the principle of inevitability of punishment, and is defeating, creating a sense of impunity.

In recent years there has been a tendency of formation of organized criminal groups from these “activists” and “veterans”, as well as the inclusion of these organized crime groups in the struggle for the redivision of spheres of influence with the “classic” criminals. In the best traditions of the 1990’s, crime bosses are being shot for the sake of redistribution of spheres of activity and controlled areas. Crime bosses in Kharkov, Horishni Plavni (Poltava region), Kherson have already been killed.

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So, the combatants have already captured the bulk of illegal arms and ammunition coming from the area of the ATO; they are trying to “protect” the channels of smuggling and amber extraction. According to the Interior Ministry for 2015, more than 70% of all seized in weapons in Ukraine were exported from the ATO zone. Another point of focus of this category of criminals is racketeering and hostile takeovers. For example, a groupment of a well-known “combat” and people’s Deputy Semen Semenchenko is specializing on capturing of different business objects. On December 24th, they captured a car wash in Kiev, and its guards were beaten. One day earlier one of the local markets located near underground was destroyed under the protection of “Aidar” groupment. The pogroms of the shopping malls in the area of the Kiev Polytechnic University are being connected with the retribution of land in Kiev.

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