Ukrainian Ministry of Culture: People of Donbass Lack Genetic Purity to Be Ukrainians

Translated by Nikita Che


Ukraine Minister of Culture Evgeny Nishchuk stated that in cities of Donbass there is a part of the population that was imported, and as a result Ukrainian culture here is developing slowly .

The Minister said it on the air of the free speech talk show ICTV.

17:45 onwards in the video…

“The current situation in the South-East is an abyss of consciousness. Moreover, when we talked about genetics in Zaporozhie [an industrial city in the South-East – ed], in Donbass – the local population is imported. There are no genetics there, these cities are deliberately imported [city residents]. Cherkassy [a city in central Ukraine – ed] is a glorious land of Cossacks and Shevchenko. But the city of Cherkassy if half-imported. Why? Because they were scared of Shevchenko’s spirit. It was a Soviet Union technology,” the Minister said, after being asked why Ukrainian culture spreads so slowly in Donbass.


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