Ukraine: Day of Defender of the Nazi Fatherland

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Today in Ukraine a new holiday is celebrated – day of defender of the Nazi Fatherland…

The defender of the Fatherland day was February 23rd, but it was canceled and replaced with a celebration in honor of the creation of UPA – auxiliary punisher units of the Third Reich, created on a national basis (similar to the fascist/Nazi organizations such as the Croatian “Ustaše”, were also in other countries who served Hitler).

In honor of the Nazi celebration today in Kiev, a rally of nationalists was held where they dressed themselves in Nazi/Auxiliary Policemen uniform, were walking with the German MP-38 submachine gun and chanted “Moskals on knives”, “death to the Jews!” (and what about Judeobanderists? them too?), “Nation or death!” and “Ukraine above all!” (a carbon copy of the Nazi “Deutschland uber alles”).

In connection with this “celebration”, the press service of Porky issued another “Patriotic” movie, quickly assembled.

To paraphrase a classic phrase from the “Wedding in Malinovka”, we can say “Everything Mr Poroshenko has been stolen by him”. Even the military equipment in this video. Because, as was already noted before me, in the video:

  • 0:07 — BMP from the Russian Federation;
  • 0:13 — DPR Tank;
  • 0:14 — DPR storming of Debaltsevo and the burning of a UAF armored personnel carrier;
  • and so on, until the end of the video (and also something I do not remember the Ukrainian Armed Forces possessing – a helicopter carrier).

By the way, can you whisper to me who are these “ethnic Russians” that Poroshenko speaks of [in the video above, Poroshenko speaks about “Ethnic Russians” in Ukraine “standing like real Patriots for Ukraine” – ed ]?

And while the eternally drunk “President of peace” is trying to be more Nazi than Nazi, the real Nazis from the “Azov” battalion created a party that will be the political wing of the new Nazi organization, which is being built by Biletsky and Avakov for the overthrow of Porky (the mysterious Ukrainian Nazis who cry “Here the master is Ukrainian,” but are always subordinated to Jews, Poles, and Armenians).

Some analysts, especially outside of Ukraine, are making a typical mistake when they believe that the Nazis will overthrow Porky for ideological reasons, because of the alleged lack of militancy. Ideology here plays only the role of serving, and works for the grassroots of the Nazis.

Advisors of Porky (or he himself) also made the same mistake – they decided that if Porky toughens his rhetoric, it will protect him from a coup. Nothing of the sort.

Because the leaders of Nazi militants, as usual, in reality will fight with Poroshenko in the framework of the war for power and resources. The less resources that remain, the closer and inevitable this clash is.

Besides this, the psychological portrait of Porky that recently appeared on the Internet   shows that he and “to share” are incompatible things (which, however, was evident even without this report). That’s why his pathological greed only approaches the moment of collision.

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