Should Ukraine “Decommunize” The Economist?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

While the Ukrainian regime sentences to prison a student for possessing Marx’s “Kapital”, in Britain discussions around Marx became one of the main subjects of the parliamentary campaign.

And please note, even the ultraliberal magazine “The Economist” recognizes the correctness of labourists: “Karl Marx has a lot to teach today’s politicians”.

Kiev will now ban “The Economist” for “communist propaganda”? In this regard, you understand that this magazine wont write a sentence about the Lvov student and further will call statements about the anti-democraticness of the Kiev regime “Kremlin propaganda”

By the way, at my place there is a collection of works of Lenin (in two editions), Stalin, Marx, and Engels. An additional prison term is necessary for each volume? And what, according to the Lvov court, do I have to do with these books? Burn them in the same way the Nazis did?

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