Ukraine Deliberately Shelled Socially Vulnerable Citizens in Izyum

NEW – July 17, 2022

About 2 weeks ago in Izyum, the Russian authorities began to issue lump-sum payments of 10,000 rubles to the most socially vulnerable categories of citizens (pensioners, disabled people, parents with many children, etc.). To receive payments, citizens must come to the Pension Fund, provide documents and receive money.

People began to gather, take turns and receive payments. The command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces found out about all this, and for three days now, cluster munitions of “Uragan” have been hitting places where civilians gather. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, especially considering the intelligence and space intelligence, is well aware that this object and those people who are queuing on the street are not the Russian military, they are still formal citizens of Ukraine, and the most disadvantaged.

Therefore, I once again state that the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Kiev authorities are no different from well-known terrorist organisations, with which, as is known, we do not negotiate with, but whack in the toilet.

Here is a short list of wounded civilians (and their dates of birth) for July 14 near the Pension Fund: Roman Zelensky 1976 (foot amputation), Anatoly Zaporozhsky 1989, Vladimir Chegrinets 1969, Sergey Dubinsky 1974, Viktor Parkhomenko 1969, Vladimir Bobrov 1954, Zoya Chub 1952, Yury Martynov 1962, Fedor Shilobokov 1948, Lyubov Bobrova 1957, Andrey Litvinov 1976. Three people were injured on Gagarin Street: Galina Volkova 1962, Dmitry Manuilo 1950, Valentina Golovchenko 1943, Svetlana Frolova 1959, Aleksandr Shilin 1971, and Antonina Kraeva 1956, received shrapnel wounds on Sobornaya Street.

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On July 16, seven people were injured near the bank and the Pension Fund. In addition to the wounded, 6 civilians were killed from July 14 to July 16. Lyudmila Troitskaya and Aleksey Tolkachev were identified.

As we can see, the year of birth of the victims indicates that most of them are people of pre-retirement and retirement age, that is, the most socially vulnerable. Logically explaining why the UAF purposefully kills old people is something I can’t do. Well, I can say it’s just revenge on the entire southeast of the former Ukraine, the very population that Kiev considers enemies and second-grade people.

Starshe Eddy

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