Ukraine, Entangled in a Network of DTRA Biological Laboratories, Is Being Attacked by Epidemics

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The European agency for health protection summed up the results of 2017, in which Ukraine appeared in the top 3 countries for measles. There are fears that when the results of 2018 will be summed up, Ukraine will appear in the list of leaders for not only measles. Epidemics in the country gain steam, and measles is not the most terrible among them.

Today it is difficult to evaluate the scale of the measles epidemic in the country – according to the unofficial order of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine it was forbidden to make any statistics public. That’s why the figures from the Ukrainian news agencies disappeared – only the facts remain, which by the way are very eloquent.

So, for example, in one of the cities of the Dnepropetrovsk region local volunteers arranged the admission of two “female ATO soldiers who caught a cold in the chilly steppes of Donbass” to a therapeutic department. In a few days it became clear that they had measles. Now doctors refuse to accept cold-catching ATO soldiers not only in the Dnepropetrovsk region. Doctors say that there is an increasing number of UAF soldiers who, having fallen ill with measles in the ATO zone, receive a serious complication – bacterial meningitis, which in many cases has a fatal outcome. Information about this is also not disclosed.

The real number of the diseased is being hidden so that cordons sanitaires are not established on the EU border, assure experts.

The worst situation of all concerning measles is in Transcarpathia, the Dnepropetrovsk region, and in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov, and Zaporozhye. Infectiologists say that the number of new cases of infection increases by 100 with each passing day.

However, no serious measures are being taken in the country in order to stop the epidemic. The World Health Organisation warned about the inevitability of a measles epidemic in Ukraine already in November, 2016. There was enough time to carrying out vaccinations. But Ukraine had no time to heed the advice – it was exactly the same time that Ukrainian healthcare was going to be reformed.

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The measles vaccine in Ukraine has already ran outAn important fact – the new batch of the vaccine will be at a new price, which so far nobody can quote even approximately. The previous price ranged from 500 to 1200 hryvnia (approximately from $16 to $40).

Non-vaccinated children here and there weren’t allowed to enter schools and kindergartens just to play safe. In Odessa parents even arranged a meeting because of this, but officials explained to parents that there are no vaccines in the city, and they won’t suddenly appear because of meetings.

According to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, as of February 18th there were 243,000 doses of the vaccine left in the country, and it is clear that they are distributed around the country unevenly.

Against the background of the catastrophic situation with vaccines, the news that in Ukraine a batch of the “Prioriks” vaccine against measles, parotitis, and rubella was forbidden looks absurd. As the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare explained, “this happened because the batch of the vaccine of Belgian production was packaged in Russia”.

Therefore, “implementers must withdraw the vaccine from circulation with its subsequent destruction”.

The Head of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada on Health Issues Olga Bogomolets stated that it is already impossible to stop the measles epidemic in Ukraine. She, after Dr Komarovsky, warned that measles is followed by epidemics of diphtheria and poliomyelitis, which shouldn’t be allowed to happen whilst there is still time.

And her deputy, the former Minister of Healthcare Oleg Musiy, is sure that there is a deplorable situation not only with the measles vaccine. “Despite the fact that deliveries were paid for in-advance, the deliveries for 2016 still haven’t arrived. In two months we used all stocks of vaccines, and even if they will now be delivered to Ukraine, according to technology they can’t be used until the entire chain of control and analytical laboratory has been passed through, and for vaccines this is three-four months. There hasn’t been any deliveries for 1.5 years, although there must be strategic stocks of vaccines. Even if there isn’t an epidemic, they should lie unused and wait for their hour,” he said. All these words were said in vain, nobody hears them, except uneasy parents, who can only wait their turn in private clinics, or buy vaccines abroad and persuade doctors to do vaccination against dangerous diseases at their own risk, because doctors don’t have the right to use medicines that don’t have a Ukrainian certificate.

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The viral hepatitis A also came to Ukraine – in the Kharkov region an outbreak of the disease was registered: on February 16th 41 persons, among them 19 children, fell ill. It is supposed that infection happened because of the use of low-quality tap water for drinking and cooking – not everyone can afford to buy filtered water.

As a reminder, in Ukraine there is a whole network of American biological laboratories, operating under the wing of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) – a division of the US Department of Defence, which declares as their mission “decreasing biological threats”. Only here the situation develops exactly the opposite: there are more and more laboratories, and less and less so-called biosafety.

Ukraine is literally stuffed with reference-laboratories – before the coup it was known that there were 15 of such objects (without counting the monitoring stations at every laboratory), but after the “revolution of dignity” information was hidden from the general public. But it is impossible to not see that against the background of the liquidation of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine, American biolaboratories didn’t prevent the epidemics that seized the country. And not only didn’t prevent, but didn’t help whatsoever. There is a question: what in reality is this military-biological structure that entangled the Ukrainian State involved in?

The refusal of Ukraine to purchase Russian vaccines, the artificially created deficiency of immunobiological medicines, and the simultaneous development of a network of objects “reducing biological threats” lead to the thought that the Pentagon is deeply engaged in studying the effect of various infections on Slavs. Then the logic of the actions of the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare becomes clear: mass vaccination isn’t necessary for the “purity of the experiment”, for the same reason that in the country there must be no serums for deadly diseases – rabies, botulism, tetanus. It’s not a coincidence that in 2017 botulism simultaneously “flashed” in seven (!) Ukrainian regions, and serums didn’t appear.

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Measles, unfortunately, is only the beginning. The same applies to tuberculosis, which in Ukraine is characterised by a “concomitant disease” – AIDS. In Odessa, where mixed infection is most of all widespread, the cure rate is only 43%.

For former activists of Maidan/doctors nowadays sitting in parliament who suddenly realised the depth of the danger that the American leadership of the Ministry of Healthcare poses for Ukrainians, it is only left to write angry posts on Facebook. Neither the government nor, of course, the Pentagon will hear them.

Is the Measles Epidemic in Ukraine Connected to American Biological Laboratories?

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