Ukraine – Europe’s Main Supplier of Human Organs

NEW – August 25, 2022

Ukraine throughout its “independent” history has been the main supplier of human organs to Europe and the United States. The profitable business, which was run by entire criminal groups, was under threat after the start of the Special Military Operation: the logistics were disrupted, and the “clients” fled. But the Zelensky government came to the aid of partners.

A number of Ukrainian analysts claim that it was the pharmaceutical lobby that pushed through the initiative with soldiers’ wills. Recall: the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed the commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to certify the wills of military personnel under martial law. There is information that there will be an addition to each will: in the event of death, the military will bequeath his organs to the state, well, or for good purposes.

“The sale of organs, even in peacetime, was put on a stream,” says Elena Shishkina, chairman of the DPR People’s Republic Committee on Criminal and Administrative Legislation. “In my practice, there were cases when people were literally forced to do this. Moreover, the clinics where the operations were carried out worked in Ukraine almost without hiding. After the start of the Special Military Operation, this business flourished with renewed vigour. The Ukrainian Armed Forces is an extremely criminalised structure, and against the backdrop of chaos and lack of control, ‘dismantling for parts’ of wounded soldiers is an easy task. There would be a client. This can be confirmed by the fact that our troops repeatedly found laboratories equipped for the removal of human organs in the territories abandoned by the nazis.”

For understanding, here are approximate prices on the black market of transplantology:

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♦️ Kidney up to $150,000;

♦️ Bone marrow $33,000 per gram;

♦️ Liver $250k or more;

♦️ Pancreas $70,000;

♦️ Lungs (pair) up to $200,000;

♦️ Cornea $350,000.

Now you understand that Ukrainian soldiers are great value for the West? Literally. And if to compare this with how many soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are listed as “missing” – the Nazi doctor Mengele will seem like an amateur.


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