Why Ukraine Hasn’t Become Piedmont: The Full List of Culprits

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Written by Alexander Rodgers



8:02:44 PM


I decided to help our little “non-brothers”, and to make a full list of those who are culpable of the fact that Ukraine still hasn’t become the “Second Piedmont”.

Here there is no doubt and questions – he is a God of “Maidowns” [pejorative name for Maidan activists – ed].

[Ukrainian pejorative name for Russians – ed]. Because they don’t want to arrange the same Maidan in their place, that’s why Ukrainians are doomed to suffer in solitude.

You might have seen how they incite Armenians on social networks “Let’s go, Armenians! We are tired of being the only suckers in the post-Soviet space!”.

Bloody KGBists, the Oprichnina. Sasha Muzychko was killed (it was done by Avakov, but who from the “Maidowns” remembers it?).

With these terrible little letters, the small brainless  “Maidowns” were already scared by those Tymchuk, before he became an MP. 90% of “Maidowns” still don’t know how to decrypt these letters.

Which doesn’t want to give free gas to “authentic Europeans”, insidiously requiring payment.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia
In the beginning it forced Yanukovych to take the credit of 3 billion at low interest rates, and now arrogantly demands to bring it back. The MoF of Russia is not aware that “authentic Europeans” do not repay debts.

No one from the “Maidowns” remembers why. Whether for an exchange rate of $8.25, or for low housing costs. Anyway,  it was “criminal power”, which has nothing to do with democratic Poroshenko.

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Predecessors in general
It doesn’t matter to them that Poroshenko also was the Minister of Economy under Yanukovych and Foreign Minister under Yushchenko.

“Domestic separatists” or “Vatniks” 
Nothing enrages mosaic schizophrenics so much as people who keep their sanity.

“Betrayers” (those who left for Russia fleeing repressions in Ukraine).
Them – the bastards – warned about what will happen, and then they left, not letting themselves be tortured and killed. And now they live in Russia, by the way it is characteristic that they live very well (which is generally intolerable to the “Maidowns”). Well, aren’t they bastards?!

Residents of the LDPR 
They dared to not want to live in a country with uncultured cattle “authentic Europeans” who during the years called them “genetic slaves” and “subhumans”.

These ones are even worse because there is even no possibility to bomb them. And, bitches, they still didn’t die from hunger and thirst, which was desired so much!

Oles Buzina 
He was killed, but his books continue to be sold, and the Truth written in them has not ceased to be the Truth.

Bashar Al-Assad 
Instead of losing and dying, or surrendering to the great American democratizers, in order to be hanged by them, he dares to cooperate with the Russians, and even to win against such cute and close to the heart of every brainwashed Islamist terrorist (which were loved by the Ukrainian “brainwashed” ever since the First Chechen war, or even since Afghan).

Syria in general
Which instead of being democratized and cutting childrens’ heads off, still resists and supports the leader that was called a “tyrant” by the Black Master himself!

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Which does not introduce sanctions against Russia, but quite the contrary.

They don’t continue to give money.

They do not give a visa-free regime and money. And also do not recognize LDPR as terrorists.

Not at war with Russia, the cowardly bastards.

Doesn’t give weapons, or just a little bit, and cautiously.

Threats to recognize Crimea as Russian.

Refuses to declare Yanukovych and others as wanted people. Requires some stupid proof. Progressive Ukrainian law enforcement system has a long time ago refused such remnants of the dark ages. In Ukraine, everyone that the brainwashed deems to be guilty, will become so.

The Stockholm arbitration
Does not recognize the Ukrainian claims on a trillion dollar Ukrainian request to Russia. Whilst this money could have helped to fill holes in the budget, and all brainwashed would sharply become dollar millionaires, but they have just Fig.

Not yet announced as the enemy and betrayer, but it is planned. Because it refuses to provide their beloved brainwashed with a visa-free regime. Well, is it not a betrayal?

It seems I didn’t forget anyone?

Generally speaking, everyone except little stupid mean jumping “Maidowns” are guilty of the fact that Ukraine for two years has transformed into a ruin.



Dnipropetrovsk was surrounded by a wave of criminality, and not only just here. Only in 24 hours:

  • In the entrance of my apartment complex, the bag of the girl was snatched.
  • The window of the car in the parking near the neighbour’s entrance was smashed (I don’t know what was stolen).
  • In the night, the lock of my (communal) garage was broken. What was taken was just loose change, but all these little things and the required things to change the lock will reach 5000 UAH.

I wish Putin would croak in agonizing pain.

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