Ukraine Hides a Catastrophe: The Cities of Donbass Occupied by the UAF Are Threatened With an Epidemic

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

13/08/2018 (by Aleksey Karpushev)

The consequences of “liberation”: due to the lack of chlorine the residents of the cities of Donbass occupied by Kiev are drinking the untreated water.

As is known, in the middle of June because of problems with gas payments the Dneprazot plant – the only enterprise in Ukraine producing substances for cleaning drinking water – stopped to work. Thus, the country’s water utilities were left without liquid chlorine, which created the threat of an environmental disaster of a nation-wide scale.

It reached such a point that the water supplying companies of Kiev, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Krivoy Rog, and other large cities of the country started to seriously speak about restricting or fully stopping the water supply.

A month later additional information appeared about “Dneprazot” resuming its work and the shipment of the first chlorine tanks. However, according to some Ukrainian media agencies, only 10% of the plant’s capacity was involved in production. However, the illusion of a solution was created, and this subject departed from the “front pages”.

But an essential underproduction of a strategically important substance could affect the situation with the water supply.

Apparently, responsible government officials had to choose where the now scarce chlorine needs to be put first of all and where people will have to “suffer”. As it is possible to guess, the cities of Donbass under the control of Ukraine fell into the latter category.

According to the available information, the chlorine needed to clean the drinking water arriving from “Seversky Donets – Donbass” canal reached its limit already more than a month ago. In this regard water was purified by using old reserves of manganese for several weeks. However, about two weeks ago these stocks depleted, and currently the water delivered to the customers of “Water of Donbass” living on the territories occupied by Kiev is in general not purified at all.

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At the same time, the employees of the water supplying company, via the threat of dismissal, are strictly forbidden from notifying citizens and publicly reporting that untreated water is pouring from taps.

The usual boiling of non-disinfected water, naturally, doesn’t save the population from the danger of becoming infected with such horrible diseases as diphtheria or cholera, that’s why the threat of epidemics emerging in the part of Donbass under Kiev’s control becomes quite serious.

And regularly many people simply aren’t able to buy and use exclusively environmentally friendly water, first of all, for financial reasons.

The Ukrainian authorities, which, of course, know about the problem, prefer to suppress and not solve it. It is somehow inconvenient to buy chlorine from the “aggressor country”, and delivering it from Europe is too expensive.

The fact that thousands of innocent people can become the victims of such a policy doesn’t concern the government in Kiev at all. However, the anti-human logic in it, perhaps, is: the greater the number of inhabitants of the “dissenting separatist region” that are in trouble, the fewer citizens there will be to vote for the enemy of the current regime at the next elections.

Well, and we in this situation need only to wish good health to our fellow countrymen and hope that, despite the criminal sloppiness of the Kiev authorities, a disaster by some miracle nevertheless doesn’t happen.

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