Ukraine With a Human Face: The First Congress of Political Refugees of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine with a human face. The first Congress of Political Refugees of Ukraine has swept away the propaganda myth about the lack of reasonable alternatives for this country.

The most vivid emotional paint from a very rich palette of impressions about this event became, perhaps, the feeling of non-hopelessness of the Ukrainian situation. And it appeared because people who left this country did not lose themselves at all in the whirlwind of life, and were not flattened under the weight of personal problems, but continue like drops of mercury, flowing together into a single unit, and move in the chosen direction.

Frankly speaking, with such a large number of adequate people from Ukraine, and the Congress was attended by about a hundred delegates from all regions of this country, even I, as a person who is not an outsider, was taken aback: Russophobic propaganda was too intrusive – drawing all these years the image of typical khokhol who is infatuated with Eurovalues, and who for Russians is not at all either a brother, nor a comrade, nor even anyone at all.

And here it turned out to be the other way round – there was no “euro-brainwashed”, but all were entirely sane and were friends with their own head. Just like a holiday!

Especially when you consider that these dozens of people expressed not only their own position. Their points of view are very close, if not identical to the opinion of many tens, if not hundreds of thousands of citizens of Ukraine, who left their country, not finding it possible to live in a neo-Nazi occupation and puppet dictatorship.

Yes, not all of those who disagree with the violent change of power could take up arms and repay the usurpers with the same money. Ukraine is significantly larger than Donbass, where, due to many factors, the conditions for armed resistance to the Bandera violence were established. And not in every place where people who disagree with the regime was there the opportunity for active resistance.

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But the fact that those hundreds of thousands, nevertheless, didn’t bow their heads before the invaders, and preferred to leave Ukraine, despite having sometimes only a couple of suitcases, is worth a lot. Because it clearly indicates the presence among citizens of Ukraine of a huge quantity of people who did not exchange their human dignity for the questionable “benefits” of unprincipled conformity.

And it is very good that on the territory of Russia, where these people are now, there are people who represent their interests. The entire course and outcome of the current first Congress of “political refugees” confirms that this is indeed the case. First of all because this meeting, with minor exceptions, had an atmosphere of common sense and worldly wisdom, which since time immemorial is inherent in the Russian people, wherever they live – in the current Russia Federation or in Russia.

It is precisely this creative energy that imbued all documents and appeals adopted by Congress, the discussion of which was held in an extremely emotional, but at the same time constructive spirit. This, generally speaking, must be especially noted, taking into account the known national tradition described by the saying: “Where there are two Ukrainians, there are three Hetmen. But, apparently, for the turning point of history, requiring maximum unity of the healthy forces of society, this is not quite typical.

The Congress considered it necessary not only to determine strategic prospects for building a new, anti-Nazi Ukraine, but also vividly respond to the acute political processes of today, which require immediate evaluation. In particular, delegates adopted “the appeal to the international community in connection with military provocations of the Kiev regime”:

“The so-called ‘Ministry of Defense of Ukraine’ announced plans for a missile firing in the waters of the Black Sea, including the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in Crimea.

Thereby the precondition was created for the appearance of a dangerous hotbed of military and political crisis, threatening a direct military confrontation between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

This provocative decision of the Kiev authorities is a logical continuation in the chain of unfriendly actions and direct sabotage by Kiev in relation to Crimea. It is aimed at the full destabilization of the situation around the Peninsula and poses a serious threat to peace and stability in Europe and around the world.

The Union of political emigrants and political prisoners in Ukraine (UPPU), warns the world community and the governments of all countries about the fact of a direct provocation by Kiev of a great European war. And urges all responsible political forces and sane statesmen to take timely and exhaustive measures to thwart the militaristic, inflammatory plans of the Kiev clique and the forces of international reactionaries standing behind her”.

Concerning strategic aims and objectives of the movement for the return of Ukraine from the current looking glass of madness, they were formulated in such a way that it’s hard to disagree with them, being based on a sober assessment of maximum potential of the initially almost unviable Ukrainian project. The participants of the Congress agreed that Ukraine, as a state, can be preserved only in the case of the transition to a confederal model, which will be able to adequately take into account its multiculturalism and multiethnicity.

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In regards to the methods of ending the civil war imposed by the occupational regime, the forum felt it necessary to advocate for the speedy and full implementation of the Minsk agreements as the only real exiting format for a hard reboot of Ukraine. At the same time, the Congress rejected appeals to declare this agreement ineffective and a failure, on the grounds that it, when fully implemented, will ensure not only peace, but also the actual dismantling of the current usurping power in Kiev.

The meeting practically unanimously agreed that there can be no question about the termination of the fight against the anti-people regime, apparently on the grounds that such a fight is futile, and the point of no return has already been passed. It was stressed that the Kiev power, on the contrary, is extremely unstable, and its main resource of foreign financial support to her is no longer guaranteed. According to the Chairman of the UPPU Larisa Shesler, in the event of termination of such handouts, the current government may fail, at most, within a few weeks. And, by extension, for all who care about the fate of Ukraine, the willingness to such rather probable turn of events should be maximal.

Judging by the almost unanimous vote on the final documents of the Congress, such an understanding of the current moment in the conditions of politically active natives from Ukraine is present today. And the unity of viewpoints is always the main prerequisite for joint and successful action. Good luck!

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