Ukraine Hysterically Demands to Close REN TV for Airing Oliver Stone Movie

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian side became afraid that REN TV will show the film by American Director Oliver Stone “Ukraine on Fire”. After the emergence of information that the documentary, which exposes the crimes of the Kiev elite and opens eyes to the involvement of the West in the unconstitutional change of power in Ukraine, will be shown on the channel, a petition appeared on the Internet, which demanded that the Ukrainian authorities ban REN TV, in order so that the citizens of Ukraine do not learn the bloody truth of Maidan. The author of the appeal from the “free” and “democratic country”, which is so strongly rushing to Europe, is very afraid that the point of view expressed in the work of the Oscar-winning Oliver Stone on the events in Ukraine will be radically different from the position of the government in Kiev.

The initiator of the petition, directly addressing REN TV, claims that Ukraine will win and get on the list of developed countries, but at the same time proposes as “a step on the road to development” measures that are considered to be savagery in any developed democratic state – to strike a blow to the media, freedom of speech. The author of the petition claims that, despite the ban on broadcasting Russian TV channels in Ukraine, some providers continue their broadcasts, and also noted that the website REN TV is available for citizens of Ukraine. Thus, Ukrainian politicians are urged to close the last “windows” through which citizens of the country can find alternative views in the “ocean” of propaganda in the Ukrainian media.

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“So we demand from the authorities to provide all measures so that this channel disappears permanently from Ukrainian screens.

Also we want to address Russians, to the agency REN TV: when we will win, Ukraine will make a huge step on the road to development, and our cities will match their quality of life with European ones. You will also come to us as guests, moreover, you will come here to make a living (for European wages).”

It is not excluded that the Ukrainian authorities are behind the petition that appeared on the Internet, because before the premiere in France of another film – “Mask of the Revolution” by the French documentarian Paul Moreira – politicians of the country, whose desire to merge with Europe is taking on a more and more freakish nature, staged real hysteria. On their page on Facebook the Ukrainian Embassy urged Canal+ to refrain from showing this movie. The French TV crew ignored the request of the Ukrainian side.

Despite the attempts of the Ukrainian side to close the eyes of the world community to the truth, the documentary of Oliver Stone “Ukraine on Fire” will be aired on REN TV on 21.11.16 at 17:00.

In June of this year, the film “Ukraine on Fire” was the best film at the festival in Italy. The work of Oscar-winning Oliver Stone shook Europe by exposing the Kiev elite. The film exposes the shocking facts about the US involvement in the protests in Ukraine. For the West, this project became a revelation, because the facts contained in it strongly differ from the information in the European media.

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