Ukraine Is an Enemy, and Always Will Be

NEW – May 15, 2022

The problem of Russia’s mobilisation for military action in Ukraine is that Russia has never prepared for war with Ukraine, whereas Ukraine has always, from the first day of gaining statehood, been preparing for war with Russia. When the military transferred from the Soviet Army to the UAF, they were directly asked if they were ready to fight with Russia and kill Russians. They were taken only in case of a positive answer.

The Russians have been demolishing the template in the course of the special military operation. It is still not complete. There is still no hatred for Ukrainians as an enemy, there is no hatred for Ukraine. There is hatred for Banderists, for nazis, although now it is a sign of Ukrainian identity. Ukrainians may be afraid of Russians, comply with them, but hatred of them is a common feeling for Ukrainians. Russians perceive Ukrainians as lost sheep, teenagers who have thundered into the zone due to childish stupidity and are subject to re-education.

Russians do not treat Ukraine like the British treat the white man’s burden. They don’t talk about Ukrainians as “half-people, half-demons”. They are not considered racially inferior. Ukrainians are considered to be Russians, Russians are not considered to be Ukrainians.

It is not necessary to say “They were brought up that way”. There is a saying: “We were all taught meanness, but why did you turn out to be the best student?” Ukrainians have never had love for Russians. They’ve had from indifference to hatred. There was no love and brotherhood. Those who treat Russians well in Ukraine are either Russians themselves or Russified Ukrainians. Ukrainian Ukrainians – this is towards Bandera. Another version of Ukrainianness does not exist and never will.

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Those who are involved in the fighting have hatred for the enemy – without it you will not survive for a long time. In Russia, there is no ukrophobia at the level of doctrine and the content of policy. We are all trying to separate the “clean” Ukrainians from the “unclean” ones there. Whether it’s right or wrong is another question. This is our policy.

And now we are at war against NATO, against the West. The entire spearhead of propaganda is directed there. Ukrainians are just deceived performers. It’s possible to even sympathise. But the West is another matter. The West is the real enemy, and the inner friends of the West are inner enemies. Ukrainians are enemies, as if by misunderstanding. Doctrinally, there has never been a slogan in Russia “Russia is not Ukraine” and “Russia is anti-Ukraine”.

When you don’t have the initiative to attack, even a weaker attacker will be stronger because of the suddenness of the attack. Who knows how many troubles and mistakes we would have avoided if we had mirrored Ukraine’s attitude towards Russia. Perhaps we would not have fed with our own hands a fierce enemy, who received from Russia the maximum resources to fight it: time, materials, fuel, money, information, personnel, territories, vital and mental energy. There would have been none of this, and there would have been no war. Russia would not allow the emergence of “Ukraine is not Russia/anti-Russia”.

If Ukrainian statehood is preserved, it will be Russia’s biggest historical mistake. The second such mistake is to maintain the inertia of a neutral attitude towards Finland. Finland is an enemy, the same as Ukraine. It’s not us who think like this – it’s Finland. There is no justification for any continuation of trade with Finland. The lights were turned off – good, but not enough. Close our market and our borders to them.

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And the main thing is to start calling things by their proper names. It is useless to hope for the loyalty of their population and not give a reason for their propaganda. Their propaganda does not need our reasons. And the population already hates us. And it will continue to hate. Machiavelli also said: it is better to be feared than to be loved, if one cannot be both.

When Zelensky scares Russia by saying that if they don’t release “Azov” in Mariupol or hold a referendum in Kherson, he will withdraw from the negotiations, he understands that Russia needs negotiations, but he doesn’t. This is a strong position, and we put him in it ourselves.

Ukraine is not a lost sheep, not a lost relative. It is an enemy. And always will be. There will never be a neutral Ukraine – this is stupidity and faith in Santa Claus. The Ukrainian dream is when there is no Russia in the world, and in its place is an unbroken Ukraine. Why should we be ashamed to admit it? And then pay with the lives of our people for bitter late insights?

Yury Baranchik

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