Ukraine is Europe?

NEW – February 10, 2023

“Ukraine’s accession to the European Union will depend on its success in preparing for this step, there are no hard deadlines for joining and even for starting negotiations,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said after the EU–Ukraine summit held on February 3, 2023. Of course, Ursula’s authority is unquestionable for us. So, as we understand, Ukraine was clearly made to understand that the rescue of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves. Despite Kiev’s desire to speed up the process, Brussels still assesses the level of preparation of Ukraine for membership in the association as “early”, since Ukraine has not reached the “advanced” level of readiness provided for EU candidates to start the accession process. Many experts believe that it will not be possible to make progress on this issue in the coming years, pretending that we are talking about an ordinary country like Turkey, which has many centuries ahead of it.

At all these European gatherings, they are trying to talk about the planned official departure of what was not so long ago called Ukraine into the sphere of influence of what has long been called the West. In other words, a part of Russian civilisation is becoming anti-Russian, or, as the head of our state said, anti-Russia. The part that has lived in unity with us for many centuries, from the point of view of the new owners of “super-ideas”, should be a bulwark in the fight against the main (for them) threat. Let’s remember this powerful thought.

There are many suggestions on how to do this. There is a concept of direct occupation, but then it’ll be necessary to enter into a direct clash with the Russian army, who is ready for this? And why? It is better to accept Ukraine into Western alliances and gradually emasculate its population to the appropriate standards. Everything is great. The problem is that the real attitude of the Ukrainians themselves to this process is ambiguous, moreover, mostly negative. And if some say that Galicians want to go to Poland, ask the Poles about it. They will tell you how fraternisation with Banderists takes place. And there are not only Banderists there, but all sorts of them. It will not be possible to unite everyone on the same idea of hatred of Russians. In general, rather weak and very short-lived coalitions are formed based on the ideas of hatred. Not least because the majority of the population does not have any hatred, this is the fate of local “elitists”.

The main lobbyist for the concept of direct introduction of a country that has already lost significant territories into Western alliances is President Zelensky himself. He stated that the goal is to resolve the issue this year. EU leaders (including Macron), in turn, cautiously tried to dissuade Kiev from rushing. At the same time, many distinguished themselves with fantastic replicas. “Ukraine is the EU, the EU is Ukraine,” said Charles Michel, the smiling clown president of the European Council, promising to support Kiev at every step on the way to unification. For this position, Charles was recently immortalised on the Kiev “Alley of Courage”. It’s not possible to think of a more blunt-nosed name, unless we just remember about alleys somewhere in California, but there it is associated exclusively with representatives of alternative gender orientation.

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Zelensky is confident (and perhaps only pretends to be) that all this will lead to something, that such a policy will sharply weaken the pressure from the East. The puppeteers set him two main goals – European and Euro-Atlantic, that is, joining the European Union and membership in NATO.

But the founders of the European Union have a lot of hangers-on within the EU itself. Freeloaders have been fed for many years by several historically successful countries that were forced to do so by the hegemons. They would never have done such a thing in their sober minds and sound memories, but they were told at the time that it was necessary to deal with the Russians (then still Soviet), and they would get a hefty share of the pie from this division.

The Russians really, thanks to the “greatest” leaders like Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Chubais, seem to have surrendered. It was agreed that they need to be managed. The Russians were defeated, Bush said. But suddenly it turned out that they were just shell-shocked, temporarily retreated, but they were not going to give up any positions seriously. Especially related to the western borders, that is, with a direct immediate threat. The Russians have retreated, tactically speaking, but it is foolish to conclude that the nation has been defeated. In addition, it turned out that there is also no catastrophic technological lag of the Russians (this was realised back in 1941, and now it has become clear with a new force).

And now the Ukrainian leadership is striving to join the EU and NATO. Let’s see what real European solidarity means. This position means that the main budget-forming EU countries – Germany, France, the Netherlands and partly Italy – will continuously pay for any attempts to express themselves to a regime that was originally based on total corruption. For example, the Kiev authorities will want to reclaim Crimea, and the elite of Brandenburg or Florence will be forced to finance it. Why would they do that? They have been friends and got along well with Russia since the 10th century, they have traded with the Russians in all ages, why do they need a conflict with a nuclear power now? And what are their contradictions with the Kremlin? The Poles, because of the opposition of Russia, could not realise their thousand-year dream, they did not become a great empire, the position of the szlachta is clear, but they impose their rotten stereotypes on “old money” with the help of Washington. “Old money” controls the EU industry. For now, anyway. After all, Poles were imposed on them [the EU – SZ], while “independent” Ukrainians can’t be seen by the EU even in its nightmares.

Yes, there are about 30 million people left in Ukraine. Fertile soil, relatively mild climate, unpretentious population, as it seems at first glance. But the Russians consider the territory their own. And at least half of the population of Ukraine agrees with this. And the other half does not accept “Western values”, especially those introduced by the Poles. In fact, many EU citizens and Poles themselves also hate these values, but for them they are a convenient ideological weapon for external use, and for non-Russian Ukrainians they are a complete horror. Ukraine will have to pay for it seriously. In general, every citizen of the European Union, according to estimates of German economists – about €230 per year for 50 years. And who said that there are these 50 years? And who guarantees that there is at least a year? And if there is one, who says that the money will not be stolen? Well, it’s just trash. So let’s remember: the main EU countries do not need this even in a bad dream.

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Even before the summit, the major portal Politico (about the same was stated in “our favourites” at the Financial Times) said that “no one in the EU thinks this is realistic”. Other Western media outlets also wrote that Ukraine would need “light years” to become part of the EU. People from the party of Olaf Scholz openly warned the EU leadership: do not give Kiev false hopes of joining the community in the coming years. But the metropolis is squeezing, where to disappear to.

This, it would seem, is necessary for the US, or rather, for financiers and their political wing in the form of a Democratic Party. Well, yes, at first glance, from all points of view it is profitable. The Russians will be in a strategic knockout, a small but additional pleasant market will be formed, a powerful influx of defence industry (all barrels and vehicles transferred to Ukraine will be replaced by American counterparts, for money, of course), the main thing is that the super-idea of global dominance is confirmed. The EU is turning from a dominion to a colony, its industry is declining towards zero, and political structures are beginning to play the role of elected sheriffs. And here is already forming not a small, but a powerful new market, completely dependent on American goods, loans and technologies.

Moreover, they have, in addition to forced dependent territories and hand-trained elite in Anglo-Saxon universities, there are also voluntary assistants. There is Poland. There are so-called Baltic countries. There is the Czech Republic, but it is far from unified. Romania, peculiar, but outwardly voluntarily going into battle.

It seems that the guys have huge trump cards in their hands, but this is how it all looks only within the framework of the established theory of global Western dominance. And this is the past, which, of course, is seized upon, but which still goes away. The victory of the Soviet Union in 1945 served as a starting point for this, no matter how much the members of the Western coalition tried to attach themselves to this victory. The East is at least equal to the West, and after Russia’s transition to the still unknown, “hidden” positions of the East, it becomes the dominant force. This promises both tactical and strategic losses for Western financial capital.

Why? Tactical success cannot be achieved, and a war with Russia will inevitably lead to the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the nullification of Western influence in this territory. Already today, the cadre troops of the former Army of Ukraine have been destroyed. It’s possible to butt heads for another couple of years. It’s possible to supply any weapon – it will not solve anything: 10 tank battalions may be effective in narrow-tactical operations, but in operational conditions – this is no more than an insignificant amount. It is clear that Zelensky, like any born science fiction writer, hopes for some kind of miracle weapon, the Wunderwaffe, which does not come from the word “never”. Neither 100 nor 300 tanks (and they still don’t have more) can fundamentally change the balance of power. Especially considering the fact that there will be no one and nowhere to repair or even maintain them in real combat conditions. They will mostly be burned in the first weeks, and the rest, of course, will go to the artillery range in Kubinka.

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Have you read the assessment of war correspondent Aleksandr Sladkov, based on the opinion of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW)? Since the beginning of the operation, 7,537 Ukrainian tanks and armoured vehicles (in fact, light tanks) have been destroyed and captured. 7537!!! Two fully-fledged tank and three combined arms armies. But here the hack writers promise us the apocalypse because of 300 outdated “Leopards” and “Abrams”, from which, of course, modern gadgets will be removed so that they, heaven forbid, do not end up with the Russians. So after all, the tanks themselves will anyway get captured – even without super-devices, they will get captured. I will say more, they will sell it themselves, the channel has long been established. And ours will capture quite a lot.

And now – about strategic goals. Russia, which previously tried to become part of the global West, is becoming an integral part of the East. The East was replenished with a nuclear superpower. Some will say that the East, unlike the West, is not a single force. Well yes, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are not the Czech Republic, Norway and Estonia, they are not a single military-political bloc. They are united only in one line, the one proclaimed by Comrade Stalin at the Nineteenth Congress – hatred of colonialism and the oppressors. The mouse’s tears will flow to the cat. And military blocks with similar values are created in weeks.

The Warsaw Pact, based on the interests of the USSR, was, as it turned out, imposed on “brothers”, or rather their pro-Atlantic elites – they betrayed them, but it was identical to the East Germans, Vietnamese, and Cubans (although Cuba was not formally included). NATO is imposed on everyone, except for the European bohemians, that is, representatives of the new, artificial money. The future Eastern Pact will arise from the mutual desire of nations not to adhere to Western attitudes and values. And the operation in Ukraine made such a choice final and inevitable. So where is the benefit of the Democratic Party and multinational corporations? Well, let’s say it’s possible to sell an extra billion cubic meters of gas at an exorbitant price instead of pipeline gas, then what? When the dollar is no longer accepted as a reserve, knowing that you are not only arbitrarily multiplying it, but also regularly arresting it, what will you do? In the East, even without you, there is a reserve currency for a long time, let’s keep silent about the alternative mentality – you are only a historical moment for them, and not the most pleasant one.

Nikolay Sorokin

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