Ukraine Is Going to Introduce the Concept of “Dangerous Information”

According to the Minister of Culture of the country Vladimir Borodyansky, the emergence of such a concept is important in the conditions of “information warfare with the Russian Federation”.

Ukraine is going to legislate the concept of “dangerous information”. This was stated by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Vladimir Borodyansky, commenting on the draft laws on the regulation of media activities being developed in the country.

Borodyansky addressed journalists, who were angered by the wording on the establishment of “requirements and standards of news”. According to him, the dissatisfaction is justified, as it is a “terminological misunderstanding”, and the right to set standards is exclusively with the professional community.

“What we are going to do: introduce the concepts of ‘dangerous information’, ‘disinformation’, and ‘unreliable information’, which is very important in the conditions of information warfare with the Russian Federation,” wrote Borodyansky on his Facebook page.

He also compared Ukraine to countries “with established democracies”, where issues of journalistic standards are resolved by special codes. At the same time, Borodyansky noted that this does not cancel the self-regulation of the media.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to draft and submit to Parliament a draft law on the settlement of the media before the end of the year. They, in particular, should solve issues of news standards, fight against fakes, and prohibit Russians from owning Ukrainian media.

Anna Kasatkina

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