Ukraine is Preparing to Hand Over What Remains of Its Defence Industry to NATO

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine is preparing a decision on the liberalisation of the export and import of arms. This was stated by the secretary of the NSDC Aleksandr Turchynov.

“We plan to make this decision in the nearest future. It provides permission to directly export all production of military equipment and weapons regardless of whether the public or private sector possesses it. We will allow imports without restriction for producers, irrespective of their form of ownership: either for their own needs or for the production of military equipment and arms. We will allow the import of weapons and military equipment for private structures that are suppliers of these military weapons,” said Turchynov.

Also, according to the head of the NSDC, all limits regarding direct contracts on the purchase of weapons abroad will be lifted for the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine.

Turchynov also stated that Ukraine is ready to privatise the defense industry via foreign investors.

“We hoped that we would stop military cooperation with Russia and immediately begin cooperation with our strategic partners – the US, Germany, and the European countries. But, unfortunately, this hasn’t happened. Unfortunately we received a block from our partners concerning military and technical cooperation. Also, they were forced to do the full closed cycles in the military-industry complex.

And just now our friends have taken the first step concerning deliveries of lethal weapons. But we are interested not so much in weapons as we are in many military technologies. And here we are ready to cooperate.

We are ready and we will launch in front of our parliament a legislative initiative concerning the lifting of restrictions in relation to investments in and privatisations of our State defence enterprises. We are ready to do this and are interested in our strategic partners, namely the NATO alliance countries, being investors. We’re going to do this.

Here we very much count on the support and understanding of those who really consider themselves to be a friend and partner of Ukraine,” said Turchynov.

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