Sociologist: Ukraine Is Rapidly Losing the Human Capital It Inherited From the USSR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The leading expert of social and gender programs of the Razumkov Center Olga Pishchulina stated at a press conference in Kiev that during the years of independence Ukraine substantially lost the human capital that it had earlier, and this process continues.

“At the beginning of cardinal economic transformation in Ukraine considerable scientific-technical and educational capital was saved up. But the crisis phenomena that has permanently accompanied Ukraine since 1991 and the inconsistency of those economic transformations that take place in the country have led to not really positive consequences. We are witnessing depreciation of human capital. Its value falls. Not only weak social groups, but also strong representatives of the middle class and representatives of small and medium business suffered in the course of economic transformations,” said the expert.

According to her, high corruption, the bad crime situation, and bad financing of the main components of human capital – education, science, and healthcare – lead to the degradation of human capital.

She also attributed the rapid reduction of the population to risk factors that directly affect the reduction of the able-bodied part of the population and a growth of labor migration, which turns into a national security problem.

“Ukraine is losing its intellectual capital, there is a deterioration in the state of health and the quality of education,” summarised Pishchulina.

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