Ukraine Killed a 14-Year-Old Girl Collecting Water in Svetlodarsk

NEW – August 18, 2022

Today, the centre of the city of Svetlodarsk was subjected to massive shelling by the nazis. Shards of glass, five-litre bottles splattered with blood are the result. A hotel, a kindergarten, a pharmacy and a place where people got water, since there is no water supply in the city due to the war, came under fire. Two people died on the spot, including a 14-year-old child, and twelve more people were injured.

The head doctor of the Svetlodarsk hospital said that 12 people were injured of varying severity. One of them says that before the explosion she heard the buzz of a small propeller, like a drone. The deceased are a 14-year-old girl who came to help her grandmother carry water and the former mayor of Svetlodarsk, Anatoly Brekhunets, who left the house to feed his dog.

Andrey Rudenko

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