“Ukraine or Death”: On the Sleeves of UAF Troops There Will Be a Nazi “Dead Head”

The head of the General Staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, who famously declared on March 9th that there are no Russian regular troops in Donbass, approved the new symbols of fighting brigades of the punitive Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF).

On the eve of the birthday of Kobzar I approved the new symbols of fighting brigades

The new symbols of the Ukrainian military bears a very strong resemblance to Nazi symbols of the Third Reich. In fact, one slogan written above a skull says “Ukraine or death”, which in interesting when we take into account the fact nobody in the Rada puts Ukraine first.

According to the signed document, new sleeve signs for the 30th separate mechanised UAF brigade named after prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky, the 58th separate motor-infantry UAF brigade named after Hetman Ivan Vygovsky, and the 72nd separate mechanised UAF brigade named after the Black Zaporozhian Cossacks were approved

Similar symbols — a skull on a sleeve — were used in Nazi Germany by the SS division “Totenkopf”. Its military personnel were found guilty of war crimes, in particular, in the murder of prisoners of war.

The torture and murder of captured DPR and LPR militiamen, and also civilians, has also been practiced by the Ukrainian military during the civil war in Donbass. Even representatives of the Kiev regime are forced to recognise it.

Thus, in April, 2018 the deputy minister for temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Georgy Tuka confirmed that militants of the Ukrainian army are involved in war crimes in the southeast of the country.

I can agree with the facts that we usually do not speak out loud about. I mean the commission of crimes by officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or volunteer battalion fighters

As a typical example, he gave a case where a resident of the Lugansk region was murdered by military personnel in 2014 at a checkpoint of the Ukrainian army in the Svatovsky district. The young man was beaten to death by UAF employees, then they hid his body.

In July 2018 the Ukrainian authorities refused to sign the declaration condemning tortures and violence against civilians in the zone of the conflict in Donbass.

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