Ukraine: Presentiment of Civil War

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019. It is this day that will be included in the future textbooks of the history of former Ukraine – but not as the day of the adoption of the law on the sale of land at the first reading, but as the day of the beginning of the war of all against all.

I watched the broadcast from the Rada. It was an epic spectacle, ladies and gentlemen – so far no political force in history has destroyed its approval rating so enthusiastically and quickly.

In general, the day of Ukrainians was successful from the very morning – first a dozen tractors were brought outside the Verkhovna Rada, then a fun and creative rally of farmers started, who wanted to personally size up deputies of the “Lie to the People” party [a pejorative reference to Zelensky’s party “Servants of the People| – ed] in the most sensitive places. Farmers brought outside the walls of the Rada a green coffin with a dead pig inside. What exactly this coffin symbolised, the deputies understood and without additional explanations – but the coffin and wailing outside the walls turned out to be not enough.

Then the debate began in the session room. The “Opposition Bloc” habitually cursed the damned Zelensky capitalists and suggested renaming their party to “Servants of the IMF”. Or “Servants of Soros”. Madam Tymoshenko habitually showed figures, proving that the current government came only to rob the Ukrainian people. However, she proved the same old thing first under Yushchenko, then under Yanukovych, and later under Poroshenko – nothing changed, except the fashionable handbags and hairstyle of Madam Yuliya.

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Then the trash and mess came in the form of a speech by the political technologist of Zelensky’s party Nikita Poturayev. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of fanatical dipshits in my life, but Poturayev has outdone them all. At some moments on the TV screen the shadows of otherworldly faces began to visibly appear – some were similar to Hitler, others to Goebbels. Mr Poturayev surely took the lessons in rhetoric from the film chronicle of the Third Reich: if the law on the land market is not adopted, Putin will definitely attack.

Then Mr moron Milovanov spoke. He skilfully passed the buck from the Ukrainian land market to the Margaret Thatcher-era British real estate market. Many did not understand the passing of the buck, so the title of moron for Minister Milovanov was firmly entrenched. If earlier there were any doubts about it, now they completely disappeared – on the rostrum of the Rada there really was a typical moron.

Finally, the moment of voting came – and the new law on the sale of land was adopted at the first reading by 240 votes: 227 votes were given by deputies of Zelensky’s faction and 13 non-faction elected people – Mr Prime Minister Goncharyuk personally applauded this from the government box.

And then the evening came and a polyphonic howl of experts rushing through all Ukrainian TV channels drowned Zelensky’s party in shit in all possible ways.

And now let’s be serious: the law on land sale causes persistent rejection in Ukrainian society – it is well understood that it is the last valuable asset of Ukraine. In general, it was strange to see the “Opposition Bloc”, Poroshenko’s party, Tymoshenko’s party, and Vakarchuk‘s party vote synchronously – perhaps it’s the first time in a very long time that irreconcilable political enemies reached at least a temporary agreement on one of the most controversial laws.

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And on the street near the Rada at the same time “Svoboda“, the “Agrarian Party”, and many other smaller parties – including non-systemic nationalists, revolted against the new law.

It seemed to us in Russia before that Ukrainian society had split since the start of the punitive operation in Donbass – but on Wednesday it became quite obvious that it had now split definitively and irrevocably. At the same time, oddly enough, many villagers, especially from Western Ukraine, truly support this law – they are ready to sell their land and leave Ukraine forever. Those with smaller brains are ready to buy a flat in Kiev after selling their land – and let everything burn with fire, they don’t even think about the future of their children. Well, it is not possible to think about the future – money from the land will suffice for a maximum of three months of “good life”, and then it will be necessary to go begging, if nothing else, to those who are richer.

This Wednesday, a war of all against all, ladies and gentlemen, broke out in the former Ukraine – and it will be very bloody. Far more bloody than on the Donetsk frontline. However, this war is already in full swing – true, so far mainly at the domestic level: killings with the use of firearms take place in the former Ukraine daily, without interruptions for holidays and weekends.

Zelensky’s party deputies have the illusion that they will be able to escape. To be honest, I would wish them further success – it used to seem that it was simply impossible to collapse Ukraine stronger than Poroshenko did. Now I can see how wrong I really was – the creative Zelensky party came up with the strongest and most win-win method of tearing up its own country.

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We wish them success and further achievements along the way, ladies and gentlemen. Tear up Ukraine! Tear it up completely, Mr deputies of Zelensky!

And it’s time for Mr Zelensky to change the anthem. How do you like the first verse, Vladimir? Check it out:

“Already there is no glory or freedom in Ukraine, We have already sold our Mother to another’s fortune; Our enemies have risen like dew to the sun, and we will weep, brothers, in our promised land …”

In my opinion, this is perfect.

Oleg Adolfovich

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