Ukraine Ran Out of Vaccinations Against Measles

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Ukraine the vaccine against measles has ran out. There aren’t any vaccines in private clinics any more, and in State policlinics it is close to running out. Transportation of a new batch is promised only in the spring, and there is already a queue for persons interested in it. However, the price of the vaccine will be higher, report “Vesti”.

A batch of the “Prioriks” vaccine against measles, parotitis, and rubella (combination vaccine)  was recently banned in Ukraine. The corresponding order was published on the website Gosleksluzhby. As the Ministry of Health explained, this happened because the batch of vaccines of the Italian producer was packed in Russia and wasn’t registered in Ukraine. It is noteworthy that earlier the same vaccine with the same name but of Belgian production was officially delivered to Ukraine, reports “Vesti”.

But now parents claim that in principle the vaccine against measles isn’t available in private clinics, and that’s why medical institutions even suggest to register on waiting lists.

“The vaccine ran out after everyone ran to do inoculations. It can’t be found in private clinics nor pharmacies. We are expecting a new delivery in the middle of the spring. But it is possible to be noted down on the waiting list, and when the vaccine arrives, you’ll be called,” said the MALI children’s private clinic in Kiev to “Vesti”.

In “Dobrobut”, AMEDA, and VIVA private clinics “Vesti” was also told that there are no vaccines, and it isn’t known when they can re-appear. But even the approximate price of the vaccination against measles in clinics can’t be established yet, because it isn’t known at what price the new consignment of vaccines will arrive in Ukraine. Before it was possible to do a vaccination against measles, including the cost of the visit to the doctor, from 535 to 1200 UAH for children and adults.

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