For Victory Over Russia: Ukraine Is Ready for New MH-17 False Flag…in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The information that the flight Kiev-Amman deviated from its designated route and was in the skies over Syria for a longer duration than was planned is alarming…


The collective West in general, and the USA in particular, can only restore the lost status quo in the event of Assad’s departure. But the support provided by Russia to the Syrian leadership and governmental forces reduces the chances of the coalition to zero. They didn’t succeed to force Putin to abandon his words and actions with any sanctions or threats.

But no-one is ready to fight with bayonets with insolent Russia. Real military actions, about which Ukraine dream so much about is impossible in principle. Poland and the Baltic States would confirm it first, whose military bases, in the event of the beginning of an armed conflict, will fall under a Russian retaliatory strike. So the war in the usual sense is off.

The only chance to turn the tide in their favor is to try to make Putin a war criminal. The quickest and most effective way to make this favorite-of-the-same-Ukrainians-fairy-tale come true is to shoot down a civilian aircraft in the area of the Russian anti-aircraft missiles located in Syria. Despite the situation, the skies for civilian aircraft over Syria is not closed. Yes, the routes for flights do not pass over the zone of hostilities, however, only one phrase from the dispatcher is enough to change the situation.

Taking into account the situation today, nothing can be discounted. That’s why the information that the flight Kiev-Amman deviated from the designated route and was in the skies over Syria for a longer duration than was planned is very curious.

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I noted that the first information about the dangerous deviation from the route appeared on the Twitter page of Julian Roepcke – political columnist for the German newspaper Bild – who is known for its rabid Russophobia. As for the identity of the journalist, he repeatedly placed the responsibility for the civilian deaths in Syria and Donbass on Russia.

The appearance of such a post on his page is hardly an accident. I fully admit this is one of the stages of preparing another large-scale provocation. The State Department loves to use information from social networks. And if suddenly our American friends indeed decide to shoot down another civilian plane (no matter with whose hands), then they would  already have evidence.

I.e., the probability that the operation “Boeing-2” is being planned in very high, but instead of Ukrainians the dirty work will be done by militants from the “moderate Syrian opposition”. Surely, this is not the only way to frame Russia in an already tested scenario. However, at the moment, the intricacies of a “Plan B” are still not relevant.

I don’t believe in coincidences. At present, each coincidence must be considered as a well-designed chain of events.

The West all too often reminds Putin about the fate of Gaddafi, Hussein, and Milosevic. However, unlike the leaders of those countries, accused of war crimes against their own people, Putin and Russia today are too out of reach. And to present it as a “liberation” intervention, they are unlikely to succeed.

It means that they need a formal pretext. The error of MH-17, which prevented them from obtaining the desired unambiguous result, is taken into account. Now, they will act more carefully.

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And the fact that, most likely, they can use a Ukrainian flight – it is especially this the particular cynicism of the situation is in. Because, in the quadrangle West-Russia-Syria-Ukraine, so much energy and means were invested that they will try to squeeze out the maximum profit from it .

Imagine the headlines: “the Russian S-400 shot down a Ukrainian plane in the skies over Syria.”

Some in the Pentagon for such a chance are willing to sell their soul to the devil…


1. Ukraine, for the sake of provocation, which can provide them with the coveted “victory” over Russia, today, are mentally ready to sacrifice a hundred lives of its citizens.

2. Pay attention that since the moment that Russia stated that it will not attempt to identify the purposes and ownership of flying objects, no one has since cut across this zone. But with this incident – it is like green light was given to do it…

3. If this precedent with the changing of route had indeed taken place, it means that now Russia must have doubts every time an object appears in the field of view of the S-300/S-400: “maybe it is a Ukrainian plane that decided to provide extreme entertainment for its passengers?” And this causes Russia to lose precious time.

4. Enemy drones and combat aircraft flying “very tightly” get the perfect cover.

5. Regarding bonuses that the West will receive in the event of a downed civilian aircraft, it is even pointless to speculate…


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