Ukraine Recognised Guaidó as the Leader of the “Democratic Opposition”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine considers Juan Guaido to be leader of the “democratic opposition” and urged to do everything possible to prevent the use of forceful methods of solving the situation in Venezuela, said the press secretary of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Ekaterina Zelenko.

“Ukraine recognises Juan Guaido as the head of the united democratically elected authority of Venezuela — the National Assembly, and also as the leader of the democratic opposition”

said Zelenko

According to her, “returning to democratic leadership in the country depends” on Guaido and other leaders of political forces in Venezuela.

“In particular, by reaching an agreement on carrying out democratic and certified by international observers elections”

said diplomat

She emphasised that the Ukrainian side calls to do everything possible “to prevent the use of forceful methods of solving the political crisis and, as a result, countering an economic catastrophe”.

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