Ukraine is Russia – Sergey Veselovsky

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Who in your opinion became the beneficiaries of the Perestroika and decommunization? Teachers? Doctors? Workers? Peasants?..

What did they lose, and what did they receive in exchange?

It is those who felt restricted by the framework of the equal rights and duties of Soviet society who won. Of the social justice.

It was the nomenklatura of the party, of the Komsomol, and of the economy who wanted to legalize, at last, what they stole. To live in grand style, without hiding from the Department Against Misappropriation of Socialist Property and KGB. To have a rest and spend money not in socialist Bulgaria, but in bourgeois England.

Former convict-Tsekhoviks, who the Soviet laws didn’t allow to expand their operations, forcing them to go underground. Thieves, swindlers, con artists, and fraudsters.

Gorbachev, and just after him Yeltsin, raised from hell a whole pleiad of “talented economists” like Gaidar, Chubais, Nemtsov, Yavlinsky, and other buriers of Justice.

I was never a communist and I am unlikely to one day be one.

But I can’t understand why millions of smart citizens allowed to steal a huge country with all its riches from them?

How these millions of people who received a good Soviet education could allow themselves to be seduced by a game of thimblerig (voucherisation, privatization)?

The “Lyonya Golubkovs, who believed that they aren’t freeloaders, but partners. Whose partners? Those who robbed even the shirt off their backs?

In reality I write this text not for those who mock at our non-brothers, who fell into the heresy of ukrainisation.

They (non-brothers) are a logical continuation and the next stage of the disease that Russia “worked through” in the 90’s, and only just begins to really recover from, adapting to live in a new, not very fair world, trying to return it on the way of justice, to grasp it with its patriarchal spiritual values, which are so derided by the “liberal intelligentsia”.

Ukraine is Russia but deprived not only of Justice, but also Memory, Honour, Mind, and Morality.

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But Ukraine is also a mirror that shows Russia how its future can be if she stops to think and to act, allowing the “current” to carry her away.

Ukraine, by the way, is not at all Ukraine, but primal, stemming from the root Little Russia. Can the tree be healthy and fructifying if worms eat away at the roots?

It is necessary to treat roots. And the sooner, the better.

But accurately, in order to not damage them.

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