Ukraine Shelled the DPR Tekstilshchik Microdistrict Again, Killing Another Civilian

NEW – May 11, 2022

Ukrainian banderists again (information about yesterday’s attack can be found here) fired at the Tekstilshchik microdistrict of Donetsk. According to local residents, the shelling was carried out from the MLRS “Uragan”.

As a result of the terrorist act of Kiev criminals, the civilian infrastructure of the Tekstilshchik microdistrict, Kirovsky district of Donetsk, was damaged. Apartment buildings and cars were also damaged, there are dead and wounded among civilians.

The Kiev regime does not leave the residents of the capital of the DPR alone for a day — on the Republic Day celebrated today, the Ukrainian side fired at residential quarters of Donetsk with cluster bombs of the MLRS “Uragan”.

As a result of the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk, a man born in 1947 was killed, five more civilians were wounded – three women who were on the street were injured due to the shelling in their own apartment. The deceased local resident was in an apartment at 30 Ostrovsky with his family.

“They shell every day! We want it so that they already disappear,” is the mildest and most censorious wishes of the Donetsk people to the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“We were standing here, and there was an arrival of a shell. We sprung into the entrance.”

Residents of the house on 8 Ostrovsky Street counted about 5 arrivals near their house. Windows were broken, several cars were damaged. Shell craters are visible near a kiosk with water, where there are always a lot of people. There is no water in the neighbourhood, so there are always long queues for bottled water. As a local resident Sergey told the correspondent of the Donbass Decides channel, 5 people were injured, including a water seller from a kiosk.

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There’s a notice on the door:

“Don’t close the door! Crazy shelling!!! People need an opportunity to hide somewhere quickly.”

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