Ukraine: Soviet WW2 Sticker on Your Door? Go to Jail!

By Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

“In Sumy a separatist was caught. The man raised suspicion when he started to spread anti-Ukrainian articles on Facebook. The SBU went to the man’s home and came across interesting findings.”

The above text is a translation of the description taken from the Ukrainian agency STS regarding the incident where a man was arrested for sticking a small poster on his door with the Order of Victory and a short message:


“We will not live under Bandera. We’ll not forget our Grandpa’s feats”


The video shows the SBU arriving at the man’s home with balaclavas and a camera crew:



One of the residents that was interviewed said: “while our guys are dying in the war, such people here are training young spies. I repeat one more time – young spies are being prepared on the territory of Ukraine!”


Doesn’t this remind you of something “deja vu”? As, for example, during the Pinochet dictatorship that came to power with help from the US, like nowadays in Ukraine. Repression for dissenting views, torture, imprisonment – the “great” gifts that America gives unconditionally to all in the name of “democracy”. 


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