Ukraine Started to Seize the Donetsk Filtration Station

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukraine started to seize the Donetsk Filtration Station (DFS), which provides a water supply to a part of Donetsk and also to some settlements both in the DPR and in the territories of the republic occupied by the Ukrainian army. 
This was reported by the deputy commander of the Armed Forces of the DPR Colonel Eduard Basurin.

According to Basurin, the UAF is trying to seize the territory of the filtration station, in defiance of the Minsk Agreements.

“In the first and second Minsk [Agreements – ed], the filtration station wasn’t included in the zone of the Ukrainian army. Now they are already digging trenches in front of the DFS, they strengthen themselves there, and consider it as their object”, he said.

“The sense of this is to make things as worse for people as possible, and it’s bad for everyone. And it will then be presented as us committing an act of vandalism and we’ll be accused,” summarised Eduard Basurin.

On the “WarGonzo” Telegram channel photos of the bus shelled today by the Ukrainian Armed Forces with staff of the station were published – the floor is covered with blood.

The war correspondent of the DPR Armed Forces Mikhail Andronik also posted a photo  on his channel of the core of the 7.62-mm bullet that wounded five employees of the DFS on the bus.

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