Ukraine: the Triumph of the Constitution or Nazi Ideas?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

01/07/2018 (Igor Plisyuk)

On June 28th I looked at all these state celebrations in honor of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, I listened to crackling speeches of “fathers of the nation”, and thought: but after all, if indeed one takes this small book in one’s hands and plainly studies it, the celebration will turn into real mourning of the basic law of the country. After all, literally every one of its articles is implemented by the self-appointed authorities “exactly on the contrary”.

All the rights of citizens – from the right to life, freedom of speech and information, assemblies and the creation of parties, the right to freedom of religions and separation of the church from the State, receiving an education in the native language and its use, to the right to live and to receive medical care – are completely trampled on. And the obligations of the State for providing them turned into a fiction.

Our constitution is good, but those who are obliged to guarantee its strict primacy in all cases without exception and spheres of life are seemingly guided by completely other documents – by those that are recognised around the world as inhuman and are condemned by the Nuremberg court! You be the judge…

Recently our website published material about the fact that the full text of the nazi “Ost” Plan was found in archives, which in detail describes the future of the lands of Eastern Europe conquered by the Third Reich, and first of all — the Soviet Union. Cooked up by the meticulous experts of Himmler’s apparatus of violence — the Reich Main Security Office, it a lot of detail showed what the “new order” prepared for the enslaved Slavic people was like. It is necessary to say that the picture is grim.

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Without going into particularities, I will just say: all the best, most fertile lands of our ancestors had to turn into colonies populated by armed Aryan misters. And the local population, or to be more precise – what would remain of it, would turn into a mass of slaves deprived of civil rights. And most of the surviving locals were going to be subjected to “resettlement in Siberia”. This also concerned Ukrainians, 75% of which was subject to this procedure.

And knowing the addiction of nazis to euphemisms like “the final solution of the Jewish problem”, in which the “resettlement” of the distressful people in practice was total genocide in extermination camps, here it is impossible to exclude similar “extreme measures” for the liberation of vital space from its inhabitants.

Yes, contrary to the hopes of Ukrainian nationalists like Bandera that the “great Fuhrer” will give them their desired independence, their destiny was predetermined. And even certain protection of the official ideologist of NSDAP Alfred Rosenberg, who became after the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the imperial minister of the occupied eastern territories, didn’t help them. After all, after capturing Lvov Bandera and his helpers, who urgently proclaimed the creation of the “Ukrainian State” (of course, under German protectorate!) were given as much time as was needed to use them as executioners and participants of Jewish and Polish pogroms.

And when they ferociously committed this dirty and bloody “work”, having practically exterminated all Polish intellectuals and Jews of Lvov, Bandera was immediately and neatly interned, having put a fat cross on the “independence” of this purely in-the-pocket person, which, however, didn’t prevent the “Ukrainian patriots” at the time from faithfully serving in the punitive “Nachtigall” and “Roland” battalions and the “SS-Galicia” division.

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In the Third Reich there were many options for the arrangement of a future “united Europe”, and Hitler himself even encouraged competition among his high-ranking officials so that none of them received too much power. But all cardinal decisions were made only by him.

His main ideas on the enslavement of Slavs were expressed in the book “Mein Kampf”, which is loved so much by the current “patriots of Ukraine”. But his vision of the solution of the Slavic question, including in Ukraine, is reflected the most in the so-called “Table talks”, in the records of his revelations in a narrow family circle that the staff of the secretariat kept on the order of Party Chancellery Bormann, the closest assistant to the Fuhrer. In them he clearly and frankly sounded his absolutely cannibal plans in relation to Slavs. Of course — including Ukrainians too.

“… we must do everything so that these people are at lower level of cultural development … their task – first of all — is to service our economy … it is necessary to take everything possible from … the Russian territories … If Russians, Ukrainians … and others learn to read and write, it will only damage us. Their knowledge of history … will be aimed against us …,” said Hitler.

The frenzied Fuhrer believed that for the enslaved people it will be quite enough to be able to count to 100 and spell. He said that it is necessary to maintain the low educational level of Ukrainians, and placed an emphasis on loud-speakers in their settlements for massive propaganda, music, and dances until you drop — in order to distract from serious and seditious thoughts.

The growth in the number of these of “so-called Ukrainians” (this is his definition!) posed a threat, and that’s why all medical examinations, as well as fighting against tuberculosis, typhus, and other dangerous diseases, is inadmissible. And moreover, it is necessary to forbid vaccinations and to spread rumors about the “danger of vaccination”. Hospitals should be closed, as well as the regeneration of local doctors.

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In respect of public life — Hitler believed that it was necessary to separate the inhabitants of occupied territories as much as possible, preventing even the existence of united churches, promoting their split, and spreading magic cults.

Isn’t all of this painfully reminiscent of what our junta has done for many years already? From the practical destruction of medicine to the conscious decrease in the cultural and educational level of the people, and to its dissociation in all ways. From linguistic and territorial segregation and dividing people into “separatists and patriots” to flagrant interference in church affairs. And the fact that the number of citizens in the country for the years of its independence decreased from 54 million to around 30 million is also the merit of our “leaders”!

And here I want to ask a simple question: who looks worse off in this monstrous situation: Hitler – who strived to raise his people over enslaved people, or our governors – who exterminate the citizens of Ukraine using all methods, in essence, embodying the Nazi’s plans? The foreigner conqueror, or our own greedy and blinded by rage impostors, who transform the until recently prospering country into scorched earth and the territory from where the “liberated” inhabitants who survived flee?

I am sure that sooner or later a just and fair trial will answer this question, which will become a new Nuremberg tribunal for those who enslave and destroy Ukraine under false patriotic slogans. I hope to live long enough to witness it!

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