Ukraine to Simplify the Procedure for Granting Citizenship to Foreign Mercenaries

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has improved the procedure for granting Ukrainian citizenship to those who participated in “defending the territorial integrity” of the country. This was announced on December 18th on Telegram by Prime Minister Aleksey Goncharuk.

The draft law changing the procedure for obtaining citizenship was introduced to the Verkhovna Rada by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

According to Goncharuk, the government improved the procedure for issuing passports to mercenaries who participated in hostilities on the side of Ukrainian troops in Donbass and were subjected to political persecution for this.

“The new decree allows to identify citizens who have been condemned for political reasons on the territory of their state for supporting Ukraine,” wrote Goncharuk.

At the same time, persons convicted of serious and particularly serious crimes on other grounds than political ones will not receive Ukrainian citizenship under the simplified scheme.

The law proposed by Zelensky will also oblige foreigners to take an oath of loyalty to Ukraine.

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