Ukraine Is Transforming Into a Concentration Camp

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Judging by the results of the Victory Day celebrations in Ukraine I am convinced that we are living in conditions of a formed concentration camp. Yesterday, when we gathered in different cities for actions CONTROLLED by the authorities, it is the police and National Guard that were supervising us, and it is precisely small groups of radicals that were used to justify a convoy and drastic measures, who, despite the metal detectors, managed to penetrate everywhere, creating the needed picture. Well, and in conditions when each of us is “alone”, instead of regular supervisors, the authorities used so-called “activists”, who can mock with impunity the “wrong” “vatnik” majority, using pseudo-patriotic rhetoric.

Just don’t tell me that prisoners of at least one concentration camp independently liberated themselves or as a result of democratic re-elections of the leadership of the concentration camp.

Here is an illustration of some unreported nuances of the passing of the “Immortal Regiment” yesterday in Kiev:


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