Ukraine is Turning Into a Desert: Minister of Ecology Predicted a Nationwide Drought

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukraine is suffering from a shortage of water: the level of filling of rivers in recent years in the country is critically low — only 20% of the necessary norm. This was declared by the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel ZIK.

Semerak noted that in the country there are no lakes or rivers left where water would be qualitative.

“So, last summer I woke up every morning and with horror watched the news about the start of pestilence of fish in some river,” admitted the Minister.

He noted that the critical situation arose because of deforestation, and also the low ecological responsibility of large industrial enterprises. Semerak suggests to apply criminal, but not administrative punishment for negligence in relation to the environment.

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