Ukraine Used American HIMARS to Attack a Lugansk College, Killing a Teenager

NEW – September 14, 2022

MLRS “HIMARS” is still being used to kill children. Militants of the Kiev regime fired 6 missiles at the Perevalsk Technical College (LPR) at 7:40 in the morning. As a result, a teenager, 18-year-old Vika, died and 6 other children were injured. Orphans were living at the educational institution.

The students of the college received shrapnel wounds, mine-explosive and closed craniocerebral injuries as a result.

Statement made by LPR Commissioner for Human Rights Viktoriya Serdyukova after the shelling:

“I call on international human rights organisations to immediately take the necessary response measures against the military-political leadership of Ukraine in order to prevent mass casualties among the civilian population of Donbass.

The Ukrainian army is waging war against the civilian population, inflicting devastating strikes on social facilities and civilian infrastructure that are located deep in the rear. These actions qualify as war crimes,” she added.

“We started running out, it was dark, there wasn’t even anything to breathe. I felt a sharp pain in my side, saw blood.”

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