Ukraine on the Way to Being ISIS’ Caliphate: Terrorist Ichkeria Was Resurrected in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On August 13th in Kiev a very remarkable event took place.

On Maidan of Independence during the action “Ichkeria Is Alive” the military of the separate presidential regiment unfurled a huge national flag of the unrecognized and currently nonexistent Ichkeria.

As the Ukrainian media reported, “fighters of the battalion of Dzhokhar Dudayev, including his former fighter Amina Okuyeva and also representatives of the Crimean Tatar people came to the action”. The Crimean Tatar people were “represented” in particular by Refat Chubarov — the head of the recognized in Russia extremist Mejlis.

Just think – the military of a separate presidential regiment in the capital of a “European State” unfurled a flag under which the wildest genocide of Russians was committed, and the trafficking of humans, drugs, and weapons prospered, and representatives of extremist organizations attended this event.

I will remind that the authorities of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria are added to the list of terrorist organizations in Russia, and the participation in their activity is considered as an act punishable by the law.

I.e., Ukraine officially positioned itself as a State that supports terrorists. Because the actions of the military personnel of the presidential regiment are not statements of certain crazy Ukrainian People’s Deputies expressing their support for “fighters for the freedom of Ichkeria”- this is already the official position of the authorities of the country.

Although if to remember the events of those years, many things will fall into place.

“All legislation of the self-proclaimed Ichkeria, as well as the policies of its leaders, gives the impression of a ‘political effect of a radish’ [the attempts of some politicians to hide their reactionary nature behind progressive phraseology – ed]. Outside for external use — the constitution of nearly a European sample where the basic rights and freedoms of the humans and citizens are declared, the norms of international law are stated, the beautiful postulates on the aspiration to a universal and fair world based on universal values, and inside — a terrorist enclave where robbery, violence, slave trade and forced labor prosper, the production of drugs and false currency, the genocide of citizens of non-Chechen nationality are cemented” – this is how an eyewitness of events — the head of department on supervision of performance of laws on the territory of the Chechen Republic of the Head department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus, the acting prosecutor of the Chechen Republic Igor Kiselev — characterized the events.

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And we see practically the same in Ukraine.

Outside — it’s “Europe”, where the principles of freedom, democracy, and respect of human rights are declared, while behind this curtain — there is war against the residents of Donbass, secret prisons of the SBU where opponents of the regime are tortured and killed, “attacks” of militants on objectionable media agencies, State support for neo-Nazi organizations, gangs of “activists” beating dissidents.

In this regard I have only two questions. When on Maidan in the presence of Poroshenko the flag of ISIS will be unfurled, and how long will Russia endure the independent caliphate on its borders?

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