Ukraine: Whether to Die Off or Flee…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Fresh data on demographics and labour migration of Ukrainians arrived. And what is characteristic is that they didn’t arrive from Russia, Poland or other counties.

The territory of the former Ukraine against the background of Poroshenko and Groysman’s brave statements that everything is good (nobody doubts that everything is good for them) breaks all records both on speed of extinction and on the speed of flight of the population to other countries.

For 2016, nearly 200,000 more died than were born.

We will start the story with those who disperse to Poland. Also we will show the picture in dynamics. In Poland:

  • In 2014, Ukrainians were given: 26,315 constant work permits, 372,946 temporary ones;
  • In 2015: 50,465 constant work permits, 762,700 temporary;
  • In 2016: Over 120,000 constant work permits, more than 1.3 million temporary.

As we see, a tendency is visible. And this is without taking into account Ukrainians who constantly live in Poland, having a Polish card (the number of which has also significantly grown), students, and also residents of border areas that use the agreement on cross-border movement. I.e. real figures are even more.

Even more have left to Russia. More than one and a half million were issued or are in the process of being issued permission for temporary residence, 169,000 were issued citizenship. Also from 3 to 4 million more (depending on the season) are on earnings by the fly-in fly-out method.

The number of Ukrainians who obtained citizenship in other countries:

  • In the Czech Republic – 44,000;
  • In Poland – 20,000;
  • In Italy – 19,000 (mainly refugees from Donbass or pretending to be them);
  •  In Great Britain – 17,000.
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Also, according opinion polls, the number of Ukrainians wishing to leave forever grows. If already in 2015 this figure made up a horrific quarter of the population, then in 2016 it grew to 34%. Also, the same number want to go abroad for work (as if it’s temporarily, but the majority from those who left “temporarily” don’t come back any more).

There who remain are those who can’t leave – pensioners, young children, and morons who are able to do nothing (these have generally turned into “professional patriots”).

All the rest of the population of the territory of “victorious dignity” promptly scatter away.

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