Ukraine Will Continue to Shell Donbass: Kiev Announced the Acquisition of Ammunition Worth Billions of Hryvnias

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


After the fire in a military warehouse in the Kharkov region, all of Kiev with Deputies and officials held their breath, not knowing what to do with the continuation of war in Donbass, because ammunition has already practically run low. According to some experts, heads of Ukraine were ready to capitulate and to disregard the LDPR.

However the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios decided to “save” Ukraine from the “enemy” and to continue genocide of their own people. He stated that the Armed Forces will shortly receive ammunition worth billions of hryvnias.

The Lieutenant-General reported about this on Facebook. According to him, the Kiev court decided to consider an outstanding contract of Ukrspetsexport with Ethiopia, whereby ammunition had to be sent to this African country. Now the shells and cartridges that had once left the books of the UAF and were stored in warehouses have once again arrived under Ukrainian jurisdiction.

“And now about the good. We returned to our army cartridges and shells worth 7.3 billion hryvnias. In particular, the UAF will receive 17,843 boxes of cartridges for small arms of caliber 7,62 mm, 1780 boxes of artillery shells of caliber 100 mm for the anti-tank Rapira MT-12 gun, and 12 ,500 boxes of cartridges of caliber 14.5 mm for the tank machine gun KKVT,” wrote Matios.

In addition, Matios said special “regards” to Generals and Colonels who didn’t see under their nose the military “treasure”, and tried to write it off, having allowed to sell them. Probably now it is Ukrainian punishers, and not insurgents from Ethiopia who will be fighting with this ammo.

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It seems that war will continue again, just now they will bomb Donbass even stronger, because for this now there is one more pretext – the igniting of an ammunition warehouse in the city of Balakleya, which the Kiev authorities managed to accuse everybody around them, but not themselves and their military negligence in a highly explosive warehouse in the Kharkov region.

It should be added to all of this that users of social networks in comments to the post of the Military Prosecutor of Ukraine noticed that the described cost of ammunition, in particular the cartridges of caliber 7,62 mm, is almost twice more than the market rate.

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