Ukrainegate: Nancy Pelosi Found Herself in the Deep End After Biden

“Ukrainegate” continues in the United States…

But with the only difference that after the staged accusations made by the US Democrats against Trump of putting pressure on the president of Ukraine Zelensky for the purpose of investigating the activity of Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine, as a result of which matters reached the beginning of the impeachment procedure for Trump in Congress, now the supporters of the current US President went on a counterattack and publishes materials about the ties between the American Democrats and the Ukrainian political farm – forgive me, I can’t apply to this territory the definition of political beau monde. And so newer and newer details emerge about the fact that, as expected, the one who shouts “hold the thief” the loudest is the thief themselves.

Firstly, a photo surfaced in which Joe Biden and his son were captured while playing golf with one of the members of the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company “Burisma“, Devon Archer, shortly before Biden Jr. got a job in this company as the head of the legal department, according to a salary of $50,000 per month and other preferences for this family. The piquancy of the photo is that it was made after the 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine that Biden Sr. actively supported, being then in the position of the Vice President of the United States. He also claimed that he had not spoken with his son about his employment in this office, which, after the publication of this photo, looks unconvincing, if not ridiculous. This was the first retaliatory strike of the Trump camp on the Democrats in “Ukrainegate”. And now another information has surfaced that exposes Trump’s opponents in a very idiotic light, if not worse.

The Trump camp’s media published material about the adviser of the speaker of the US Congress Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the same lady who sounded the beginning of the procedure of impeaching Trump in the Congress, being the Ukrainian Ivanna Voronovich.

Let’s stop a little on the biography and political views of this young girl from independent.

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Ivanna Voronovich started her career working at the US Embassy at Ukraine in Kiev. She worked in the structure of her father — Roman Voronovich, who was heading the Kiev bureau and had steady relations with Nancy Pelosi and other US Congresspeople from the Democrats, which he wrote about without embarrassment.

Ivanna, as the daughter of influential parents, had a reputation as a Kiev “socialite”, which is seen in the pictures she posted on her social network pages.

She is also a supporter of the American Democrats and Trump’s opponent, and she also didn’t hide this, making posts on social networks with cartoons of Trump.

Ivanna clearly sympathises with the American Democrats, it is seen on her posts on Facebook.

Ivanna’s parents had good relations with the government of Ukraine at the time of Poroshenko. After all, her father is a diplomat, and her mother was related to the Ministry of Defence and was even awarded the “Order of Merit for Ukraine”, so Ivanna’s quick career was prepared, and friendly relations with the American Democrats, who during Poroshenko’s presidency de facto ruled Ukraine, allowed her to rise to the highest levels of the American political establishment and get closer to Nancy Pelosi, who she became an assistant for on legislative issues. A very solid position, it should be said. Especially when it comes to lobbying laws affecting Ukraine.

I.e. it’s a very unattractive picture for the American Democrats, who were completely involved in “Ukrainegate”. Now, it is possible to speak, at least, about the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and the speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi as people who very densely cooperated with Poroshenko’s government, so to say, for personal reasons or on the personal front. It is not surprising that they really do not want an investigation into their cooperation with Poroshenko and his entourage.

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Dmitry Borisenko

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