Ukraine’s 2023 Budget Collapse

NEW – February 14, 2023

Ukraine needs from $40 to 48 billion in financing this year for its economy to function — the head of the IMF.

I remember that in the autumn they announced $36 billion, which Ukraine will need in 2023. Already — from $40 to 48 billion is needed.

This means one thing: Ukraine’s budget revenues will collapse in 2023 from $4 to 12 billion more than the plan. There is no economy of Ukraine.

If someone keeps saying that Ukraine is fighting, and the West is only helping, look at the numbers. Be aware of them.

Ukraine has nothing even to pay pensions with. What war? What kind of help?

Ukraine is not even a mercenary country, but a slave country of the West, which, in fact, is fighting for food, not for its interests.

Ukraine has no future. The West needs Ukraine only for war. Only the West finances the war. And not a cent more.

There will be no war with Russia — there will be no money for food. If there is no money from the West, there is no Ukraine. Bastard Zelensky has already destroyed it.

Aleksandr Skubchenko

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