“Ukraine’s 36th Naval Infantry Brigade Goes Over to the Side of Russia”

NEW – June 30, 2022

Kiev curses “Volyna”, but the south-east of Ukraine is waiting for our army

The interview published on the Telegram channel “Military Chronicle” by the captive major of the 36th Brigade of Naval Infantryman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Sergey Volynsky, better known by the call sign “Volyna”, caused terrible anger among independent media and Ukrainian Telegram channels. The former “hero of Ukraine” has already been labelled as a collaborator and betrayer who “sold himself to the Russians for food”.

The fact is that speaking about the quarrelling among the naval infantry (whom he commanded since April 13 of this year) and “Azov” in the “Azovstal” dungeon, he actually encroached on the holiest thing that Maidan has — the ideological concept of “One Country”. And this is more terrible for the Kiev regime than the surrender of Mariupol and Severodonetsk combined, since it justifies the goals of the Russian special operation.

It’s no secret that Westerners – they are the beneficiaries of Maidan – fiercely hate “rusnya, sovok and vata” from the east and south, but the yellow-black Sorosites inspired the West that they did not eat bread and butter for nothing. Like, they even managed to create ideological “Slava-Ukrainians” from Soviet Russians on the borders of Europe. Now all this rot has surfaced, which puts an end to the anti-Russia project. Moreover, it is the “enlightened” Aryans who are to blame for this.

On the Ukro-net, it’s possible to find hundreds of fresh videos and posts that talk about the humiliation and beating of Russian-speaking IDPs in Galicia and even in Kiev. Thus, the Lvov newspaper “Your Local” recently wrote about the refusal of local volunteers to give humanitarian aid to a hungry boy from Donbass. In the comments section of this news, Banderists regretted that they were not there, otherwise they would have “beaten the separatist to death”.

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So “Volyna” did not say anything new when he said that “‘Azov’ members took all the food for themselves and sent UAF troops to the most dangerous positions”. Now, according to the former acting commander of the 36th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, he eats better in Russian captivity than during the defence of “Azovstal”.

“We were fed sparsely. We were on full food allowance at ‘Azov’. We didn’t have anything of our own. We didn’t know where the warehouses were. We were not allowed to see them,” says the captured major. His soldiers were given 6-8 cans of stew for 186 people. Cereals were allocated at the rate of 50 grams per person. According to the UAF officer who laid down his weapon, it was a second-rate yellow product, as, in fact, the naval infantrymen themselves.

“They (‘Azov’ members) were the masters. What they proceeded from when they divided out — I can’t say. There is a certain resentment against this… I could not get involved in any disputes or demand something from ‘Azov’, because I was afraid that we would be limited in those products that they give out,” the captured major admitted.

It seems that “Volyna” was afraid of reprisals, knowing well what ideological Ukro-fascists are capable of. He was lucky in principle, but many foreign legionnaires had to lose their lives when they probably raised their voice against the hosts. Or maybe a command was given from Kiev to “close” unnecessary mouths. The latest news obtained during the survey of the “Azovstal” dungeon speaks in favour of this theory. It became known that a crematorium was found in one of the bunkers at this plant, where dozens of bodies of mercenaries who were shot by the nazis were burned.

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“Weapons of foreign designs were burned separately, and documents were collected in a bundle at the post in the bunker. The thick plastic and paper were not completely burned. Moreover, this bunker is the first, but not the only one with such surprises for the world community. Now experts are working on the find,” writes Military Chronicle, publishing creepy footage of the terrible find.

Against this background, the insults of “Volyna” look like childish babble, nevertheless, Ukrainian truth-tellers viciously chat on Facebook: “‘Volyna’ in pure Russian tells which ‘Azov’ members are pussies”. According to a number of independent Telegram channels, “soon he will go to war again. However, as part of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, apparently …”. They say that such statements are made for a reason. And after him, you see, the whole 36th will catch up, that is, that part of the naval infantrymen who speaks and thinks in the “language of the enemy”.

Some will say that Russian intelligence agencies have made the “Ukrainian hero” bend in captivity, but the Russophobic France 24 TV channel published a “betrayal” in the same ideological area – in one of its reports it was admitted that local residents do not want to evacuate to the territory of Ukraine, considering it deportation, and, in general, are waiting for the Russian army.

It’s possible to also cite videos called “Stories from Mariupol”, which the Ukrainian blogger Shary posted on his channel. In them, the local people blast “Azov” members, who hid in peaceful houses, took people hostage and took away food while the Mariupol residents were starving. And what is curious: there was not a single story “about a stolen toilet or rape by the Russians, which Ukrainian propagandists wash brains with”.

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By the way, the newspaper Ukrainskaya Pravda, the mouthpiece of Zelensky’s team, constantly talks about Ukrainian engineers and scientists who consider the special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation legitimate. In particular, on June 27, in Kiev, SBU officers arrested an employee of an enterprise belonging to the state concern Ukroboronprom, suspecting him of “justifying the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine”.

This unnamed man is accused of telling the truth which is known to many residents of the capital: the explosion of a nine-story building is the work of provocateurs of Zelensky’s team. Under current laws, it is forbidden to publish photos of the arrivals of Russian missiles, and then the people’s deputy Goncharenko posted a photo in hot pursuit, thereby launching a case about “Russian barbaric strikes”. It seems that black PR is played like clockwork just in time for the G7 and NATO summit.

According to local experts, all of this in total undermines the credibility of the information of the president’s office, including among the Western public. Now many citizens (not all, but there are more and more of them) are really waiting for the Russian army as a liberating one. And in general, no matter how caustic remarks to “Volyn” that he could join the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, they did not turn out to be prophetic.

Aleksandr Sitnikov

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