Ukraine’s Ambassador to Serbia Urged the World to Destroy Russia

According to Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, the disintegration of Russia must become the strategic policy of the international community.

The ambassador of Ukraine in Serbia Aleksandr Aleksandrovich urged the international community to make the disintegration of Russia a strategic objective. The diplomat wrote this in a column for under the title “The Only Way to Cope with Russia”.

“Our actions have to become offensive and have the disintegration of the Russian Federation as a conscious ultimate goal. This is the only effective long-term solution that the vast majority of countries will benefit from,” he writes.

The ambassador considers that attempts to pacify Russia lead only to the growth of its arrogance: “As was the case with the return of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe”.

Attempts to reach an agreement in a civilised way with the Russian Federation, according to Aleksandrovich, are also doomed to fail, “since such a decision contradicts the main expansionist thinking of the Kremlin regime”.

“The Russian Federation, in its present borders and with its present resources, is never capable of becoming a normal civilised state,” said the diplomat.

Aleksandrovich emphasises that “ways of disintegrating the Russian Federation don’t demand conducting military operations”.

The ambassador lists a number of tools via which it is possible to “pacify Russia”:

  • personal sanctions against bosses with the freezing of assets and a ban on entrance;
  • tight restrictions for energy, bank, and financial-military and technical sectors;
  • a ban on the sale of modern technologies;
  • a collapse in oil prices.

There comes a time when the last evil empire has to fall,” summarised the Ukrainian diplomat.

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