Ukraine’s Armed Forces Provoke the Shelling of Kharkov, Firing Howitzers & MLRS From Residential Areas

NEW – August 17, 2022

Kharkov has been under intense fire for the last two days. In addition to the constant night missile “arrivals”, the city rumbles throughout the day, the city siren practically does not subside.

Most of the blows fell on the Saltovka micro-district. After the departures of volley and barrel artillery from the micro-district, a “response” followed.

According to the Telegram channel “Kharkov is OURS”, in the Saltovka chats yesterday, admins did not have time to delete outraged messages from local residents about how MLRS and howitzers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are being fired from their yards and near their houses and immediately after the shelling quickly retreat (most often “homemade” MLRS – missile launchers installed on SUVs, which the UAF and “Kraken” brag about on the net every now and then), and then “responses” arrive there.

“And then the authorities and professional propagandists begin to say that there are ‘no military facilities’ in the places of arrivals. Of course not, they have already left, your objects. And in fact, it is clear that war has its own logic, but everything is determined by necessity. Does the Ukrainian military have a need to shoot back from residential areas? No, it’s definitely not here right now. It was possible to say in February-April: the enemy is close to the district, it’s necessary to shoot from neighbourhoods… it still wasn’t an excuse, but at least a theory. But not now. Although the Russians are gradually squeezing the Ukrainian troops in the north of the region, they have not pinned them down in Kharkov. There are a lot of deserted places from which it’s possible to effectively shoot back. The only reasons to put howitzers and MLRS in residential buildings are a ‘human shield’ and provocation. Of course, this is not a unique Ukrainian style of warfare, many people understand urban warfare that way today, but it is the Ukrainian forces that use this style in Kharkov,” anti-fascists described the situation in the city.

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Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the President’s Office, claims that Russians are 73 times more likely to hit civilian targets than military ones.

And if we calculate how many times more often Ukrainian troops are deployed in civilian facilities than in military ones, what will be the result?


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