Ukraine’s Chief Nazi Militant Andrey Biletsky: The Number of UAF Losses in Donbass Is Cosmic

The leader of the “Azov” and “National Corpus” Nazi formations in Ukraine Andrey Biletsky is starting to become more and more involved in the 2019 presidential election race, despite he himself choosing to run for the October parliamentary election instead.

In his latest media attack against Poroshenko, he stated in an interview with the “Apostrof” newspaper that the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) in Donbass are “cosmic” for modern wars. The leader of National Corpus stressed that since that second Minsk Agreements were signed, the UAF and other punitive battalions have lost more than 1,000 men, “not counting those who died as a result of a stroke or suicide”.

We already after ‘Minsk-2’ lost more than 1,000 people – this concerns precisely those who were killed, not counting those who died as a result of injuries, strokes, or suicides. Our losses are cosmic numbers for modern wars

Biletsky stressed that the Ukrainian authorities are not making a real effort to “liberate” Donbass:

For [Kiev] it is better to interrupt this topic with virtual stories about their achievements than to explain why they did not advance anywhere in the 5th year of war

In addition, the main Banderist militant in Ukraine accused the Ukrainian opposition of “frankly Vata discourse” (“Vata” is a pejorative word that is used by Banderists to describe Russians) and expressed hope for the creation of a Ukrainian national state “after Kuchma”, meaning that he considers Kuchma’s “multi-vector” foreign policy to be a cause of Ukraine’s problems. Biletsky also said that he wants to “destroy the government in Russia, cause anarchy there, perhaps a civil war, a war in the Caucasus, a social crisis”.

At a time of such a crisis, carry out – in accordance with the ‘Croatian scenario’ – a short lightning offensive operation, which in terms of the number of losses will be ten times lower than this annual standing on the line. But first we need to weaken the enemy, and then a short military operation is possible

Of course, Biletsky talks the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk… Well, it is enough to refer to the Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk cauldrons. The expression “all mouth and no trousers springs to mind”. And of course, it goes without saying that the IMF requires actual repayment, and not babble about how great Hitler’s pal Bandera was.

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