Ukraine’s Defective “Molot” Mortar Continues to Cause Losses in the Ranks of the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In one of the Ukrainian units [fighting in Donbass – ed] another incident took place where the domestic “Molot” mortar – which is known for regularly killing UAF soldiers – exploded.

This was reported on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian “volunteer” Olga Reshetilova.

“F*cking hell, we have three more wounded from an exploding ‘Molot’. Burn down still. Let’s have more investigative experiments, meetings of the Ministry of Defence, committees. Continue to listen to Pashinsky, Pavlovsky, Biryukov, and others,” wrote the irritated “volunteer”.

Reshetilova’s “colleague” Alena Shevtsova wrote in more detail about the incident.

“In short about ‘Molot’. The mortar was used correctly. Safety measures were observed. People are alive, which is the most important thing. The observance of safety measures and preparation, as well as the combat experience and professional work of commanders and soldiers saved their lives. They fired it from a reinforced bunker using a cable. We hope for an objective investigation,” reported Shevtsova.

According to the “Inforesist” website, which is close to the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, the explosion of “Molot” happened in the 72nd mechanised brigade of the UAF.

The authors of the “Inside Donetsk” Telegram channel, commenting on the event, noted that the explosion happened on the Svetlodarsk arc, and recalled a similar state of emergency in the UAF with the same number of victims. Back then the Ukrainian media reported that Poroshenko allegedly forbade the use of this weapon.

Nevertheless, earlier the committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security and defense said that the “Molot” exploding mortar will be further introduced into the army, and the criticism surrounding it was called the intrigues of the FSB.

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