Ukraine’s Definition of “Peace”

NEW – June 5, 2022

I am not a news person, but more and more information comes through feedback.

And I cannot ignore one of the many episodes, as it serves as a ruthless illustration of the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities towards the residents of the South–East.

Today, several people sent me a photo of yesterday’s [June 1 – SZ] shelling of Volchansk, Kharkov region.

The city is notable for the fact that, unlike many settlements of the region, it was not affected by the war.
Moreover, now it is, in spurts, albeit not always completely successfully, returning to a peaceful life.

Late, but the sowing campaign nevertheless began, which is a major success in the current conditions.
Readers know how I kicked the Russian authorities for inertia and indifference to life on the liberated territories.

And the main thing is that there were no Russian troops in Volchansk.
All the information given is easy to check.

And yesterday, on June 1, in the evening, the city was shelled from the MLRS, presumably “Uragan”, with cluster munitions.

The shelling was coming from the direction of Stary Saltov.
Now this locality is located in the so-called “grey”, that is, no-man’s zone.

Most likely, a nomadic UAF installation approached Saltov, fired a salvo and left, purposefully subjecting the inhabitants of this unfortunate town to a retaliatory blow.

In Volchansk, a blow was struck in the city centre, residential buildings, a medical college, a place of distribution of humanitarian aid were damaged.

The shelling took place in the evening, so thank God no one was killed.
If it had happened during the day, it’s scary to think how many people could have been hurt.

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I know this episode looks trite, people are tired of the war for three months.

But what is important to remember.

The shelling was not accidental, and it was not by chance that it was done in the evening.

It was a signal, a warning that Ukraine would not allow people to live a peaceful life, and would do everything to destroy it.

While this was a warning, further acts of targeted terror should be expected.

Moreover, all residents of the city were turned off from the socio–economic system of Ukraine.

People cannot withdraw their savings from Ukrainian banks, receive pensions.
As they said on the other end of the line, these people are not on the lists.

I have repeatedly written that the South–East was erased from the life of the country back in 2014.
It has not been in the project of “European” Ukraine for a long time.

Now it has literally happened. Ukraine has abandoned its own citizens only because they live on the wrong side.

Well, of course, the Ukrainian channels simultaneously said that Volchansk was shelled by Russian troops.

A terrible and revealing symbolism was that these messages were sent on the latest anniversary of the Ukrainian attack aircraft strike on the centre of Lugansk in 2014.

What I want to say, as the moral of this text.

When they tell us about the latest “peace initiatives”, we need to remember that this will be a return to the timelessness of the last eight years, when people in Donbass fell asleep every night under cannonade, and did not know if they would wake up in the morning.

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Ukraine demonstrated this “peace” to its citizens in Volchansk yesterday.

We have no right to condemn the inhabitants of the South–East to such a terrible life.

We have no right to once again change people’s future for someone else’s selfish interest.
Ukraine will never stop in its self-destruction.

Peace must become real when the war ends with the defeat and destruction of the Maidan myth and the regime in Ukraine.

A spy to whom no one writes

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