Ukraine’s Former Minister of Infrastructure: American General Electric Trains Are Less Efficient Than Old Soviet Ones

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On January 3rd an American General Electric locomotive, which weighs only 3768 tons – 2200 tons less than the completely serviceable old Soviet 2TE116 trains constructed at “Luganskteplovoz”, started to stall on the Volonovakha/Komysh-Zorya section. This was reported by the former deputy Minister of Infrastructure Aleksandr Kava on the page on Facebook wrote.

“According to the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety’s report from January 3rd 2019, the praised General Electric TE33AS locomotive – a train that weights only 3768 tons, started to stall on the Volonovakha/Komysh-Zorya section. It had to ask the old 2TE116 – constructed 37 years ago at Luganskteplovoz – for help”

wrote Aleksandr Kava

According to him, it is noteworthy that old 2TE116 trains weighing 4500 tons are being driven on this section, and when they were in complete working order, these old locomotives pulled cargo trains weighing 6000 tons on this section, which is much more than with the TE33AS.

“So in order to transport an equal quantity of freight on the Volonovakha/Komysh-Zorya section using GE TE33AS locomotives, there is a need to perform a bigger number of trips in comparison with the use of the old 2TE116 locomotives. Respectively, a bigger number of locomotives and also a bigger number of locomotive brigades are needed. The efficiency of this solution is evident”

summarised the former deputy minister

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